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One response to “Verizon Launches Samsung U750 Alias 2”

  1. Retired_MSgt

    There is a new software version that is suppose to work with the Ford Sync but I cannot get

    Samsung or Verizon to get me that software. I will be returning this phone.

    Samsung, Verizon and Ford need to get their act together. Why advertise a feature that is not

    supported. In addition, Verizon needs to make sure that their sales reps know exactly what

    features are supported and what is not. Being lied to by several different reps before getting

    this phone is very annoying. The main feature I wanted is NOT supported. But all the reps I

    talked to before getting this phone said it was supported. I would recommend that before anyone

    gets this phone, they find someone who has it to make sure all the features they want are

    supported. Sales reps and some tech support people at both Verizon and Samsung do not know what

    is supported. And Just an FYI, my wife has an ENV2 and it works just fine with the Sync.