Verizon Launches Updated VZ Navigator

In a press release today, Verizon has announced the launch of the highly-anticipated Version 4 of the VZ Navigator GPS software.

As we previously reported during CTIA the new version features 3D perspective view, real-time traffic in 75 markets, weather information, local event and movie search, and gas station search capabilities. The program is available now for $2.99 daily access, $9.99 monthly access, and is included in Premium Plans.

Current subscribers can go to the Get It Now/Media Center menu and access the program’s “Check for Updates” feature. Read More for the complete list of compatible devices.

  • G’zOne Type-V
  • G’zOne Type-S
  • Kyocera K323
  • The V
  • enV
  • enV(2)
  • Chocolate
  • Venus
  • Voyager by LG
  • LG VX5300
  • LG VX5400
  • LG VX8300
  • LG VX8350
  • LG VX8600
  • LG VX8700
  • LG VX9400
  • Nokia 6205
  • Nokia 2605
  • MOTORAZR maxx Ve
  • MOTORAZR(2) V9m
  • MOTO Z6c World Edition
  • Motorola W385
  • Alias by Samsung
  • Juke by Samsung
  • Samsung SCH-a930
  • Samsung SCH-a990
  • Samsung SCH-u410
  • Samsung SCH-u540
  • Samsung SCH-u620

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3 responses to “Verizon Launches Updated VZ Navigator”

  1. Chris

    The new navigator is for verizon is crazy i love it !!!

  2. bob

    The new version of vznavigator is amazing. I have been using it daily and it saves me atleast 15 to 20 minutes on my daily commute! The traffic, incident,and detouring are great to get around issues on the road. Movies and Events is also a cool new feature!

  3. Mark

    Still no audio when connected through bluetooth with a razr v3m. booty