Verizon Beginning LTE microSIM Support with Galaxy 10.1 4G Launch

Verizon microSIM

Internal employee documentation has confirmed that Verizon will be supporting the newer microSIM for LTE devices beginning with the forthcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Further information on future Verizon LTE devices using microSIM has yet to be revealed and it is not clear whether the microSIM support marks the transition away from full-size LTE SIM cards going forward or if it only applies to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung representatives have also confirmed that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G as configured for Verizon will support microSIM.

Supporting microSIM on LTE will eventually be necessary for Verizon Wireless to carry LTE-enabled variants of the iPhone. Although, it is not clear if the next-generation of iPhone will support LTE, it is largely believed that LTE will ship on iPhone in the following generation of devices. Apple was the first to leverage microSIM, in order to decrease the size and form factor of its devices, first with the launch of iPad, and later with the launch of iPhone 4.

It is unclear if LTE microSIMs will be convertible. With GSM microSIMs, a user can toggle between microSIM and standard SIM sizes with a small plastic insert that overlays the microSIM. Similarly, users can cut most standard SIM cards down to size to fit in a microSIM tray.

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