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31 responses to “You Can Use Your Verizon Smartphone LTE SIM in an iPad (with Unlimited Data Plans & Hotspot too) – Verizon Responds”

  1. Christopher Price

    While not directly related, we can also confirm that AT&T GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ service also works with Verizon’s iPad. You cannot, however, use AT&T LTE service on a Verizon iPad.

    Nor can you do the inverse, use Verizon 3G service on an AT&T 4G iPad. The AT&T / International version of the third-generation iPad lacks Verizon CDMA service.

  2. Phoneman

    I wish I had unlimited Verizon 4G. No way to get it now.

    Hopefully everyone switches to Sprint’s crappy network so everyone else will be forced to offer unlimited data. And it would be even better if the federal government started forcing all providers to utilize net neutrality (real net neutrality, not the sham we have now in the wireless industry).

  3. Jimmy

    You can always do a Change of Financial Responsibility and take over someone else’s account.

    I think based on this news though, you may have to pay a bit more than yesterday to take over someone’s coveted Verizon grandfathered plan. This could easily jump the fence beyond iPad, and go straight to Novatel MiFi.

  4. Tom

    WHOA. Anyone who has a grandfathered Verizon plan should see this one.

  5. Verizon Affirms Unlimited Smartphone SIM Card Usage in Hotspots, Tablets, LTE iPad |
  6. kc

    my unlimited att data plan has never been throttled on my i pad and i use over 30 gigs a month. but my iphone is.

  7. Jon

    I don’t care much about the unlimited data. Instead, I just want to get the 2GB – $30/month data plan for use with a Droid Razr. Can anyone confirm if a 4G LTE SIM card from the new iPad will allow data to be fully functional in smartphone devices? Verizon Customer Service told me that smartphones REQUIRE voice plans, but tablets do not. That makes no sense to me, as someone that has no use for a voice plan…a smartphone and a tablet are identical other than the size.

  8. Sean Dudley


    I had put the SIM from my iPad 3 into my Droid Razr when I was swapping them so I could get the unlimited on my iPad 3, and the Droid Razr did allow data, just not voice.


  9. Chad

    So I have a question. Help would be very much appreciated!

    I’d like to use my current iPhone 4S plan (Grandfathered Unlimited) and transfer my new iPad to it. (I can activate my iPhone on a line my employer is willing to give me and pay for) Can I borrow a friends Verizon Razor phone (she is currently using it) and take it in to a Verizon store and activated on my account (so I can then have an activated Micro-Sim). Then, a couple hours later give it back to her to activate on her line again? (Can’t she just put her sim back in and poof, done?) Verizon wouldn’t know any different right?

    Any gotchas on this one? I just need to get a micro sim without buying a phone I don’t need.

    Thanks a ton!!

  10. mike

    Just to note, about At&T unlimited data… I have the grandfathered Unlimited iPad data plan for AT&T. I’ve used over 20gigs of data without a hiccup or throttling and I have called 4 reps with AT&T (cause I was scared of couse of losing my data plan) if iPad users are cut off for excessive use or are we throttled, all 4 said no, it’s different for the iPad then it is for smartphones. Btw, we kicked our AT&T unlimited smartphone plans in the bucket after hearing the throttling and switched sim cards to Straight Talk -> 7gigs going strong =)

  11. Apple Quietly Updates Carrier Settings on Verizon LTE iPad, May Requires iTunes to Update |
  12. stacey clemens evans

    I like this alot, keep it up all of you all, it’s fun to read, and very informative.

  13. Steve Goldfein

    Does Sprints new LTE devices use sims too?

  14. Phone Man

    I read something a while back saying Sprint was using virtual SIM cards. Are you sure they are using SIM cards and not just faking it?

  15. Phone Man

    I would like to see Sprint use real SIM cards. Not only because I want to easily swap devices, but because I want to be able to drops Sprint, move to Verizon, and pop their SIM into the phone I had been using on Sprint.

    Right now I would have to pay a huge ETF, and then buy all new devices at Verizon’s bloated prices.

    I would imagine that if everyone used a SIM card, manufacturers would make devices that worked on all carriers. It might have a band hidden like the Samsung Galaxy S 2 having the T-Mobile 3G hidden, but at least we could theoretically use our devices on whatever carrier we wanted.

    I would much rather keep a spare SIM card in the car than a spare phone.

  16. Rose

    I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. I have a Verizon Fivespot with a 3 Gig $35 pm data plan. Are you saying I can take the SIM out and put it in a tablet? Thanks for clarification.

  17. Tricia

    Is this information still current? I am travelling from Australia to USA in a month and am hoping to get a Verizon sim for my iPad 3 and using that data as a personal hotspot to run iphones and a laptop as needed (don’t want to change phone sims or plan to make calls other than on voip/skype). This looks like I can get any prepaid sim with a data component and it should work for us?

  18. mike

    Reply to Tricia, you can still use 4g Lte sim (whether it’s at&t or verizon) in any device that is 4g. I’ve been doing some research lately on Verizon with their 4G network and as of today (Aug. 4th, 2012) this info is current:
    1. Verizon will no longer allow ppl to transfer unlimited data plans (effective July 28th, 2012)
    2. Verizon will throttle can throttle your 4G lte device ONLY when your on 3G.
    One of my friends told me that you can’t use an AT&T ipad on the Verizon network, I don’t know this for sure. I do know that you can use a Verizon ipad on AT&T, but you won’t get 4G.

    If anyone can tell me their average speed on Verizon LTE, I’d appreciate it. Like I said in my comment above, I have at&t unlimited ipad plan and I’m in an HSPA+ area…I get 13down/2up

  19. steve

    My question is about just the $30 unlimited smartphone data plan (not the additional $30 mobile hotspot feature).

    I have:
    – $30 Unlimited Smartphone Data Plan on a 4G LTE Smartphone

    Can I I remove the SIM from the 4G LTE Smartphone, place it in a Verizon Jetpack MiFi and use the MiFi as a Mobile Hotspot? Or am I required to add on the additional $30 mobile hotspot feature?

    Thanks so much

  20. mike

    I’ve asked verizon this, that isn’t a problem (swapping sims in other devices like a mifi or ipad)….what I actually did on one of my Verizon lines recently was go online and “activate or swtich device” I entered my mifi imei. It changed my rate plan to $20, instead of $40 for a smartphone. I kept the sim inside my Droid Razr and called verizon and spoke to a rep to see if my line was all active and they did some provisioning and made it where I could get calls too. So now on one of my lines I pay $20 (the mifi rate) and still have all functionality đŸ™‚

  21. Felipe

    I have two lines on Verizon with the grandfathered unlimited data plan. I went ahead and purchased an iPhone 5 LTE at full price to keep my grandfathered account. I then purchased the Verizon LTE 32GB Ipad Mini. I can confirm that the SIM card works in the iPad Mini and has not affected my grandfathered plan.

  22. mike

    I am referring to Felipe Dec. 2, 2012 posting. I am debating to buy I5 phon LTE at full price andswap out unlimited 4g lte nano sim into my verizon 4g lte ipad mini. If this will work??? Please confirm. Thanks

  23. Felipe

    I can still confirm that it has worked flawlessly for months. If you need to change features on the plan, you must reinsert the sim to an iPhone 5 (any iPhone 5) before making changes on the account via web. Otherwise the web interface will ask you to update plans and it will cancel your grandfathered unlimited plan. You can simply avoid those screens entirely by putting the sim back into an iPhone while managing your Verizon wireless account.