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36 responses to “Verizon Motorola Droid Android 2.2 Update to Omit Tethering and Mobile Hotspot Support”

  1. Robert Chick

    Will the Droid 2.2 be sent to the original Droid?

  2. FrankieAvocado

    I’m really not sure what the hell Verizon is trying to pull, but my droid already tethers to my PC via Bluetooth and USB so they are clearly lying about it “not handling it”.

  3. Aby baby

    Yes indeed, but apparently they’ll be leaving a few things out on purpose, like being able to hook your phone up to your computer to use the internet.

    They say the phone can’t do that, but its just NOT TRUE.

  4. Don

    Doesn’t the article say that Verizon’s 2.2 release of Android is going to REMOVE that functionality.

    Sounds like the big V is going to remove some functionality folks like to use. Typical.

  5. Sean

    Yup time to get to the ROOT

  6. Christopher Price

    Verizon is correct in saying that the Droid does not support Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode, which is needed for Mobile Hotspot as they have implemented it.

    However, people have been using Mobile Hotspot for years via ad-hoc mode, which the Droid does support. However, backporting Froyo’s hotspot code to work via ad-hoc on the Droid may have required additional technical efforts. Impossible? No.

    The only thing Verizon may have screwed up here was previously announcing to some in the media that Droid was going to get Mobile Hotspot. We tried to get clarification from Verizon months ago, and they did not respond to our questions on the matter.

    As to USB and Bluetooth, you’ll probably still be able to use PDANet and other proxy apps. BroadbandAccess Connect (Verizon’s official and costly tethering package) on the Droid Incredible is accomplished using a proprietary USB modem driver written by HTC.

  7. pat

    My droid is loaded with froyo 2.2…works flawlessly…I am rooted…wifi works…wifi teathering DOES work…but only pcs can connect to my phone durring wifi teathering..not another phone using wifi…..strange but ok….so take your droid and root it! There are many sites that will take you step by step….it only took me 15 min!

  8. Christopher Price

    Pat, that’s because your hacked Droid is using ad-hoc. Many phones, and even some cheap netbooks have had ad-hoc gutted to save half-pennies on the cost of each system.

    Infrastructure Mode is much more reliable, and makes a phone operate like a traditional Wi-Fi router.

  9. jim

    The Droid X has this “infrastructure” mode for Wi-Fi HotSpot access. Wonder if it will get USB tethering when Froyo rolls out for this phone? But knowing Verizon they will probably screw that up too. What does “on the PC side there is no Connection for tethering” mean, anyway?

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  11. JJ

    All I know is that the recently released update for the evo does not allow tethering. Only hotspot for extra cost. Or by using pdanet or alike and rooting. Its not like on the nexxus that allows for that without any block whatsover.

  12. Greg

    This is typical verizon crap, promise a capability that suckered me in and then break the promise. If there’s no support for tethering or hotspot access I’ll move on to iPhone and AT&T. We shouldn’t have to root to make this work.

  13. Kage

    Yes, 2.2 will becoming to the original Droid. And although the device DOES have the hardware needed to tether via cable and WiFi Verizon has omitted this feature on purpose. They have done so in order to spur sales and subscriptions to their 3G adapter for use with laptops. Even thought the device was touted as having this feature when I and hundreds of thousands of other users purchased the device and signed up for service.

    There is good news though – Lawyers are already working on the class-action lawsuit which you can expect to be filed shortly. Having been contacted by the Firm as a “professional” to provide proof that the functionality is possible, that the hardware does handle it and that materials provided in the past state such functionality is possible you can expect the functionality to arrive shortly with a formal appology OR eventually a refund of money spent to purchase the device as well as a good percentage of fees already paid for your “crippled” service as well as the option for a free upgrade to a new device with these features and the option to exit your contract without penalty. In fact they will be urging Droid owners to go to their local Verizon store and request this feature as promised. Get proof of your visit and the denial of access in order to prove that a) You purchased this device and signed up for service expecting this feature and B) That Verizon has no intent of holding up their end. Considering the advertising of this feature even through mailers has opened themselves up to mail fraud do not expect Verizon to give up easy.

    Verizon really should have realized that a number of Law firms have been utilizing this feature through their Droids in order to provide 24/7 internet access as well as tracking of that data in order to bill clients. So having disabled it stirred up the wrong hornets nest.

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  15. Eric

    Yes Pdanet still works i have 2.2 on my droid and i tried it. they do have a teather through usb function but you have to pay for it.

  16. thebarak

    But wait a minute, this article is dated August 2nd, and on August 2nd, the same day, There was a TV commercial for the Droid X showing someone using the mobile hotspot feature. So there is some hope that such a handicap will not be forced upon the owners, especially if a big PR stink develops.

  17. Austin

    Just updated to official 2.2. Tried to USB tether, everything looked ok, but no connection. Went into my phone browser and was redirected to Verizons’ $15 a month plan, irregardless of the fact it offers nothing over what I pay now to tether, which is also nothing. Fuck that. Back to PdaNet.

    No Wi-Fi tether? I’m rooting my Droid asap.

  18. Jim

    Oh, your “official” USB Tethering worked just fine. You just redirected to Verizon’s sign-up portal asking you to pay for it. Been that way for years. Used to be you got a RAS Error 630 or something like that so they spiffed it up 🙂

    So USB tethering IS in the release? Well, I guess Big Red couldn’t pass up that extra money-grab revenue stream after all.

  19. Jeff

    I’ve got the Droid – Froyo 2.2 (installed last night) – tethered my phone, got the “pay us $20 a month for 2GB” Verizon page. Lame. Now I’m wondering if anyone’s rooted FRG01B yet?

  20. Ed

    BS Verizon is full of it. The rooted very. 2.2 can tether and create the with first hot spot. They are trying to do the same thing as blue tooth trying to charge for phone features.

  21. Jeff R

    Thank you thebarak. I thought I was the only one who saw that commercial from VERIZON selling it as a WI-FI hot spot. WTF? My contract is up and I’m trying to decide between the Droid X or wait a bit for the Droid 2 and now this???

  22. Brad

    I got 2.2 on my Droid and I just tried USB tethering and a website popped up saying I have to pay $15 more a month!!! Anything to make a Buck I guess!!! BULLSHIT

  23. Kage

    Who here is really surprised by what Verizon has done? Before 2.2 came out it was leaked that the delay of 2.2 to the Droid was due to their attempts at locking out this feature. It was made well known to the public that Verizon was going to find a way to stick us for more $ for something most of us were already doing. In fact the lawyers that are working on the class action lawsuit were discussing with me wording of the contract which does state “unlimited data usage” which now they are requesting more money for. Breech of contract anyone? Bait and switch? Like I said in an earlier post They have really pissed off the wrong Lawyers. I did learn something from this whole mess though and that is that professional witness can make big $$

  24. Neecie

    Okay so you guys are all dumb! Verizon provides service that you need to pay for of course they don’t want you to have it free because you are bogging down their network downloading hundreds of gigs of data and you want it free????? That is ridiculous the reason the service is fast now and can support as many devices it can now is because they put money into their network unlike other carriers that drop calls or kick you off their service. Its the difference between payless and Prada if you can’t afford the good stuff and see the value in it then go get a Tmobile. Verizons network is the best because they build it up with the money they get from you. Stop hayting and pay up!

  25. Christopher Price

    Neecie, Droid owners aren’t even being given the option to “pay up” and sign up for the 2 GB for $20/month hotspot plan.

    Not to mention that Pre Plus and Pixi Plus owners get 5 GB free of mobile hotspot each month, something we’ve written entire articles about, and directly contradicts the notion that tethering would have a major impact on the Verizon network.

    Bottom line, there’s an easy solution that will make most happy. Go buy a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus off of eBay, and do a *228 instant device swap whenever you want to tether. Then you get the free 5 GB of mobile hotspot, and a Droid running Android 2.2. Problem solved.

  26. Fredd

    I have installed the (unofficial) official (force install) that was posted on a few sites until pulled. But it does have tethering and I am using it now for this post. Perhaps why Verizon wants to change?


  27. Fredd

    My mistake on earlier post, I was on the network here at the house with the phone. When network turned off I was redirected to the verizon tether/hotspot site. Sorry all.

  28. jim

    Interesting. I guess if you are on an upgrade from an older phone you still get the $15/5 Gig webpage but if you are a new subscriber you get the $20/2 Gig signup page. There used to be a $30/5 Gig page too that I used to get with the $30/mo data plan. I think the whole thing is nuts. T-Mobile doesn’t break or charge for Tethering or Wi-Fi hotspot on ANYTHING they sell, be it Android, WinMo, Blackberry or Symbian. I use USB tethering on my WinMo Dash 3G just fine. (Casually, a few megs a month.) I read Nexus One owners can tether and Wi-Fi Hotspot under FroYo also fine. Asian and Euro carriers as a rule don’t charge extra for it either, which is probably why T-Mo USA (Deutsche Telekom) doesn’t. Much to the chagrin of US T-Mo executives, I’m sure. And for all I know, probably against the fine print in TOS.

    Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, you all really need to get a clue big time on this tethering/HotSpot and quit pulling these revenue shenanigans on your customers. The legality is questionable, and the ethics are absolutely reprehensible.

  29. fredd

    One bright spot for us though… We have a laptop with dead wireless and I have not bought a USB adapter yet but can now tether the laptop to the phone and use the internet again.

  30. bill

    i would be interested in joining the class action suit against both motorola and verizon.they both made promises and broke them. if you try to cancel contract,you have to pay penalty. this is not a responsible way to conduct business. shame shame

  31. brian

    I’m in as well. We cannot let them treat us this way. Definitely reprehensible.

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  33. Steffaney

    I received an automatic update pop-up this morning and i accepted it. Now my phone has been stuck on the Motoroloa “M” screen for FOUR HOURS. I have tried to use the power button, removed the battery, nothing works! Does anyone know how to help me?


  34. Kenneth


    I do pay… It’s called a DATA PLAN. Why should I have to pay more just to be able to attach my computer to my phone? I’m putting the same load on the network as I do using my phone by itself. It’s not like I’m hosting an e-Commerce or Torrent site from my phone–although that would be interesting 🙂

    I just upgraded to 2.2 on Moto Droid 1 about 10 mins ago, and tethering (USB) was listed in my settings menu. However, when you turn it on and browse to a site, the “Purchase Mobile Broad Band” page comes up.

  35. Kenneth


    If you’re going to charge extra for something, charge for Facebook access. All the little teenie-boppers posting pictures of their pajama parties and trips to the corner store are what’s eating up bandwidth… Don’t even get me started on Twitter.

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