Verizon Officially Announces Palm Centro

In a press release today, Verizon Wireless and Palm have announced the pending launch of the wildly successful Palm Centro smart device for the carrier.

The device will now launch at the same $99 pricepoint that Sprint and AT&T offer the device for after a new two year agreement and additional $70 mail-in rebate, likely due to the controversy generated by the higher-than-expected pricing that was leaked a few days ago (which did require the addition of a data plan in order to qualify for an additional rebate).

The new pricing reflects the elimination of the data plan requirement and is otherwise identical to the Sprint version. Both versions feature Garnet OS 5.4.9, 2.1 inch QVGA display, threaded SMS, 1.3 megapixel camera with video recorder, microSDHC slot, Bluetooth, media player, Blazer web browser, and speakerphone along with the addition of a standalone Facebook application that will be preloaded on the Verizon version and offered to Sprint and AT&T Centro owners as a free download.

The device will be available from Verizon Wireless online and through all retail channels beginning tomorrow, Friday June 13th.

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6 responses to “Verizon Officially Announces Palm Centro”

  1. Cec

    Wow, this post was very hard to understand. Then I realized this post has only four sentences in it.

  2. Christopher Price

    There was only one run-on sentence, and it was fixed.

  3. Mike

    Good deal for Verizon customers. This is one of the best PDAs out there. I have had mine since launch with Sprint. I think i’m gonna upgrade to the Samsung Instinct this month though.

  4. Ivan

    For those who didn’t know about the Facebook app, you can download it at OTA — I’m checking it out right now and it’s pretty neat. Don’t think you can delete messages though.

  5. Carlos

    The display is not QVGA. It is 320X320. If it was QVGA it would be 320X240.

  6. Humberto Saabedra

    Carlos , in order to avoid reader confusion, the resolution used on Palm devices is typically classed under QVGA resolution.