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3 responses to “Verizon Opens Pre-Order Page for Samsung Galaxy Note II”

  1. James Fernandez

    I have tried to pre-order the Note II at full price. The website won’t allow it stating the unlimited data is no longer available. Does anyone know a way around this glitch?

  2. Frank Fitton

    My dilemma now is whether I shell out the $650 to get a Note II and keep my unlimited data plan, yeah I average 40GB of data month, or get it on an upgrade and modify my usage to get on a tiered data plan. Ugh, I want a Note II so bad. Of course option #3 is to just keep my Razr Maxx and be happy. Oh yeah, I’m a concession account so I get an upgrade every 9 months that’s why I’m eligible and don’t have that bad of a phone. Verizon unlimited is true unlimited, not like that garbage AT&T passes for unlimited, so that is like a priceless thing to have in reality. Who knows what even more data intensive phones might come out in the future. Then again Verizon could decide that even without getting an upgrade you lose unlimited, they could do that too if they wanted. Then I’d feel really stupid for having shelled out full retail just to keep it.

    Ugh, so much speculation and conjecture. Everything is just soooooo grey. Check out my blog post about my Galaxy Note II/ unlimited data dilemma at……..

  3. Christopher Price

    In six months, you could probably get that Note II preowned for half the price. But your unlimited data will be gone forever.