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10 responses to “Verizon – Palm Relations Hit New Low as webOS 1.4.5 in Doubt for Pre Plus”

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  2. sgnos

    This is totally inexcusable. There is no justification for witholding this update from their customers. Obviosly there aren’t any serious issues with the update or it wouldn’t have been released for the Pixi. For verizon to not provide the update is restricting their users from being able to access most of the app catalogue. tThe only reseason for them to do that is if they want to push their customers out of Palm to another platform…can you say android? Well, if that’s their intention they are going to succeed, I’ll be moving to at$t as soon as my contract is up.

  3. Me

    As a long-time Verizon customer I am very upset with how they have supported my Pre Plus. While I doubt this poor customer service will ultimately hurt their bottom line too much, I, for one, will likely be exploring other carriers when my contract is up. I only hope one of the others can beef up their coverage in my area over the length of my remaining contract.

  4. JJ

    Have you tried sprint lately? The verizon issue is one reason why I stayed with sprint. You might want to try sprint and their 30 day no fee trial and see if signal coverage will work for you.

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  6. jim

    I’ve read some scuttle-butt indicating VZW is going to discontinue the Pre Plus anyway (just saw it’s now free on the vebsite) so that is most likely why they are making no more investment in it. I just hate that while wi-fi hotspot tethering is 5 Gig and FREE on the Palm, it is $20 and only 2 Gig on Android devices. Discriminatory to say the least, but good for Palm Pre users (while they last anyway).

  7. Keith Sheehan

    Is there any update on the AT&T update or is this also dead in the water?

  8. Christopher Price

    Jim, the solution is simple, get a Pre Plus and then use your Droid 2 as a glorified iPod touch. There’s nothing stopping Droid 2/X/Incredible/whatever from sipping Wi-Fi from your Pre Plus, right alongside your other devices.

  9. jared

    this is really dumb and unfair i mean pixi plus users on verizon have the update what is so hard to throw it at the pre plus users OKAY its going to be discontinued but you cant give us one last update i was skeptical whether or not to pick the pre plus or the LG ally and i love my pre plus but without 1.4.5 its starting to suck i hardly have access to any apps and i would like to enjoy Flash 10.1 come on verizon you’re slacking im thinking of switching back to sprint because of this

  10. srs73

    I don’t agree this should have anything to do with the device being end of life or anything. the device creator and OS developer know it works. VZW believes enough in it to release it for the Pixi, so the holdup is a joke. This is my first smartphone. And if I don’t see a 1.4.5 update, it will be my last on Verizon.