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10 responses to “Verizon Preparing Wireless Hub, QChat to Answer Sprint”

  1. Mike

    Frankly telling I have no idea about Femto cell. But while reading this article it seems that it has a good contact with VoIP. Its truly good enough to know about this.

  2. Kenneth

    ‘Bout time Sprint gets thru testing, Verizon will have already launch there’s along with nationwide ads. Just like unlimited plans. It’s good to have new technology working as perfect as possible. But come on. What else do they got to loose. Take a chance.

  3. Marty

    Sprint will let another opportunity get away from them, just like they did with their “testing” of their unlmited plan until Verizon came out with it and guess what, Sprint followed within a few days and lost the marketing edge.

  4. steve

    Last I knew Nextel had exclusive rights for QChat. Since Sprint bought them wouldnt that mean they have the exclusive rights?

  5. Don Louie

    BrewChat, Qualcomm better not be behind this

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  7. Bob Smith

    The “Verizon hub” it looks like- will be actually released and sold by Verizon Wireless reps in VZW stores. You will be able to add it as an additional line, costs yet to be finalized. You will be able to text, and MMS as well. From some of the material I have seen, it looks as if it may wire into your home phone service similar to comcast digital voice. (Lots of mentionings about regestering home address with E911 service). The hardware vendor is still not being mentioned, even internal to VZW. I’ll keep my eyes open, as I am very interested in the technology.

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  9. p

    can i buy the phone and use it on comcast or do i have to use verizon home service