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5 responses to “Verizon (Re)launches Kin One and Kin Two”

  1. Christopher Price

    Also unlike the original KINs, you do not need any data plan. Much as I suspected, the Loop has been replaced with a Windows Phone 7-style Start menu.

    Internet Explorer Mobile is still there, as the unbranded KIN browser…

    … this does make a small niche though. You could use this as a prepaid phone with IE Mobile for $.99/day, and have a mini Zune with HD camera.

    Still, with Virgin Mobile giving Android for $25/month unlimited data, an offering like this seems only for those that would be carrying a Zune 4GB in their pocket anyways.

    Does Microsoft stand a chance? Well, with still not even operational, I have my doubts. Microsoft hasn’t even formally confirmed the KIN brand still exists, and Verizon is out selling the devices.

  2. Andrew

    Wait so does the new kin 2 not have to have a data plan at all?!

  3. Christopher Price

    Correct, both KIN ONEm and KIN TWOm do not require a data plan. You can pay per use, and even activate on prepaid.

  4. justis

    okay, so if i got the kin 2m what data plan would i use?

  5. Christopher Price

    Technically the KIN TWOm does not need a data plan. You can even activate it on prepaid services like Page Plus.

    If you want to add a data plan, you could activate it as a feature phone on a Share Everything plan… but honestly, Share Everything plans make little sense for feature phones, unless you have a family member that you want to add on, and cannot/doesn’t want to use a smartphone.

    The KIN TWOm really only should be used on Page Plus prepaid at this point, anyone on Verizon proper should be using a smartphone to maximize the questionable value of their Share Everything plan.

    P.S. One exception there – if you are on an grandfathered unlimited data plan with a feature phone, Verizon may not let you keep it when going to a smartphone. There were many customers trapped in this manner at the time, and we called Verizon out for it. Those customers may want to switch to a KIN TWOm since it has Internet Explorer 6, and you could theoretically use it as a smartphone-like device. If you’re in a rural area, and on a Verizon grandfathered unlimited feature phone plan – it may be your only option to keep unlimited data and upgrade.