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2 responses to “Verizon Retail Pricing for iPhone Adds $50 Premium”

  1. Anonymous


    Its less then a quarter of the page down. Its not like it was embedded into a separate page altogether.

    You guys have had some pretty good news articles lately but this is less then newsworthy.

  2. missingxtension

    Lets look back at history…
    apple wants to release a phone, it goes to verizon. Apple makes demands that are exorbitant and verizon denies to pay a high subsidies. Then apple goes to ATT with this wild accusations, but ATT takes the bait. The Iphone has problems and ATT takes the heat…
    Now that ATT got a bad rap and apples propaganda machine makes sure its not apples fault. Even the Iphone 4 antenna design problem is incorrectly attributed to ATT for a long time.
    But then apple needs to clean up its image, propaganda machine goes into full gear.
    Iphone on Verizon, no crappy network, no antenna problems, and ATT stays with broken phone.
    Since ATT was only a carrier it has no real rights to its customers.
    But in verizon, its not like that. If verizon customers have problems with verizon Iphones, they go to the verizon store. NOT THE APPLE STORE, because this are verizons customers.
    So we can assume that if verizon did want to hand over its customers directly to apple We can also then assume verizon also told apple that they are not paying a big premium and in turn apple needed to make its money some where else. So in the end apple being apple and verizon being verizon, the prize is more than likely represented in the retail display.