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21 responses to “Verizon Rolling Out Android 2.1 Update for Droid Eris”

  1. Matt

    First of all, to anyone going “I haven’t got it yet,” realize that even if this IS starting today, it takes WEEKS to get it out to everyone. So chill.

    Second, I have not found one SHRED of substantiated evidence that this update is really happening today. I could just as easily create screenshots of counterfeit update notices and post them all over the net. The first place I would post it would be 4chan, and then EVERYONE on there would spread it around like wildfire.

    Not that I did; I am patiently waiting for 2.1 for my Eris, but I didn’t expect anything until next month.

    Finally, is down right now because of all of this chatter. If it were a hoax, then someone is really getting a good laugh.


  2. Alex


  3. Jerzyiroc

    So it iS Sprint that’s screwing Hero users over!! They think they’re slick by trying to push it back so people would just give up on the Hero and just buy the Evo. Well news Flash Sprint NOT EVERYONE CAN UPDATE IN JUNE!!! I gotta wait until NOVEMBER!! GIVE ME MY FU****KKINNG UPDATE ALREADY!!!!

  4. KYE

    Well I was having a few software issues with my Eris and I called tech support to order a replacement and was told that the update was going to begin today. He said to wait for the update to see If it fixed the problem. So I think that’s reason enough to believe that the update is coming out now.

  5. Dan

    I called Verizon customer support and they said the update was approved on the 7th and starts today.

  6. J.Humm

    I talked to someone at tech support yesterday and was told it was comming today, then talked to someone else at *611 and was told its not comming til dec. so I dont know what to think now…

  7. debbie

    Got my update today its pretty cool

  8. Bill

    got it!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jim

    Wow… it ever cool.

  10. faye

    does any body kno how i can download it cuz i havent gotten mines yet???

  11. B

    I call bs

  12. j

    This could add some legitimacy to the update.

    However I haven’t received my update yet.

  13. DingleDoodles

    ZOMG! I’s downloads its and its turnz my ph0nz into incrediblez! wowzorz

  14. marie masarova

    I am very pleased to seee THREE! people reporing that they rwrecieved it! It makes me want to screem today i have seen about 15 people comment somewhere that they got iy
    It…..makes us proud verizon! Make us proud!

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  16. Nathan.

    I updated my ERIS to the leaked 2.1 rom. You guys will be happy with it..

    BUT my leaked rom did not have pinch to zoom in anything but photos and internet….

    DOES the official ROM have the Nexus One lock screen????

  17. jt crowder

    I got it this morning and it is amazing!!!!!

  18. Denny

    Update today. SUCKS! Must Active sync your password TPYE IT IN!) to even unlocck SCREEN. Pain in the butt upgrade, Doesn’t save credentials in memory and no fix in sight. If I didn’t have to use my office sync I wouldn’t. ALSO, no voice to text support like with the Motorola. I’m changing.

  19. Kathy

    I got mine yesterday. Whoo hoo!!

  20. Greg

    Got the update> what a pain in the ass. get my email from outlook and need a password now to access the phone every time the screen goes blank.

  21. Cory

    Update sucks!!!!!! I can’t access my exchange account now.