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9 responses to “Verizon Rolling Out Droid Pro Gingerbread Update”

  1. mike

    I have a DDROID Pro and so does my wife…after calling VZW and being on the phone with them for over a hour…they determined, after looking at your site, that this is completely false. If they were in fact rolling out the update they would have no problem saying that they were. They are not!

  2. jack

    Are you kidding mike?? It is ALL over the internet and 2 of my friends just updated their Pros.

  3. mike

    I know its all over the internet, that’s what baffles me. Call VZW and ask your self….just cause its all over the internet doesn’t make it true…

  4. mike

    Ok I was just contacted by a supervisor of Verizon wireless and was informed that Motorola pulled the GB update for the DROID pro at the last second and they do not know when it will be officially released again. They said Htc did the same thing with the thunderbolts SW release 3 weeks ago. They still haven’t released the software that was going to be released for the TB.

  5. Ely

    “…just cause its all over the internet doesn’t make it true…”

    Yes, and just because some VZW reps are in the dark doesn’t mean that it is false …

  6. mike

    Yeah but im not talking out of my ass either. Motorola supervisor stated…although the DROID Pro will be the next Moto phone to receive the update it will be 3weeks-1 month from today….he stated they pulled the update because the update they released for the DROID x was ”bricking” phones. So deny it all u want and believe what u want but im not just talking to be talking. I have 5 DROID phones and am as excited as every1 else. I can’t stand not knowing something that can be found out with just a little investigating!

  7. lewis
  8. Jim Haaksma

    Found that Gingerbread was sent ota to myDroid X last night..

  9. Chris

    Uh, Mike…I have a couple of friends who got the Gingerbread update on their Droid Pro before I actually got mine on my Droid X…I’ve seen it for myself on the Pro…and that was last week. All the updates were OTA.

    It always depends on the Verizon person you’re speaking to…within the same store, I had two different stories within a couple days of each other. I live in Dallas, though, so maybe if you’re in a smaller market, they don’t have that info yet.