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7 responses to “Verizon Rolling Out HomeFusion Residential LTE Service Nationwide”

  1. Jeff

    To whom is this targeted? 10GB is just so little for home use.

  2. Spektor

    Ridiculously overpriced.

  3. Christopher Price

    The main targets of this plan are two-fold:

    1) People who need a fast backup Internet connection that can function reliably, even during power outages. Many businesses still utilize Satellite Internet because they need speeds greater than EV-DO, but also require business-critical fallback.

    2) Customers in rural areas. As 4G LTE is rolled out in rural areas, many customers are stuck with few options, either slow-and-throttled Satellite Internet, or no high-speed Internet service at all. Verizon is looking to capitalize on offering home Internet service in these areas.

    Until true 4G service becomes pervasive on rivals, these caps will be small. They will rise with competition in that marketplace… and trust me, there will be plenty of that in the near future.

  4. Dave

    Wow, there must be a lot of rich folks out there that can afford a secondary/backup system at $200 setup and $60+ a month, with caps!

  5. Christopher Price

    Just look at the prices for Satellite Internet, and you start to see how it can make sense…

    Note the Download Allowance on those HughesNet plans…

  6. Jeff

    Both seem lame to me. Uverse has 250GB limit, which isn’t even enforced!

  7. Craig

    Jeff, the problem is in rural areas, it obviously is lame. Congress and multiple Presidents now have talked about affordable rural Internet service… at least this is a step in the right direction. Once Sprint or AT&T jump on the bandwagon, these rates will start to go down… for the first time ever, they might actually get reasonable.

    It’s sad, but a lot of people can’t afford to live in rural areas because of the lack of broadband Internet. I’d argue it’s one thing that would really accelerate the recovery of the housing market.