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5 responses to “Verizon Rolling Out LG Ally Update”

  1. Justin

    Not impressed…added four apps that I’ll never use and the City ID acts like an annoying pop up constantly asking me to try or buy. I’ve not noticed any improvements in speed or battery life and I’m guessing this is the work around from pushing Android 2.2. No doubt, the v2.2 won’t become available until the release of Ally-2 leaving this phone prematurely obsolete before my contract is up.

  2. Alex

    I had skype before the update and the app got damaged. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it worked but when I either logged off or shut the phone off and put back on. The app again became damaged.

  3. Clint

    Since this update, I have had several issues with keeping the RAM above 45Mb Free. Before the update, it hovered around 65Mb. Add several applications that are all available on the market and if i wanted them i would have installed them. This phone was descent before the update, now I believe its just trash.

  4. Kelli

    I was having the same problem as you…you have to uninstall Skype, then restart your phone. At that time, the “preloaded” version of the Skype app should come up.

  5. William A

    I just received another maintenance update this morning but not sure what improvements, if any were made. I still show firmware 2.1-update 1 and no new crapware so guess this is to fix some glitches that the previous updates. As for 2.2, I doubt this will ever appear as one Verizon tech mentioned that the Ally lacks some type of hardware to process flash. Maybe when the ALLY-2 appears on the market will have 2.2 leaving this current Ally obsolete before their time.