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4 responses to “Verizon Rolling Out Thunderbolt Update After Delay”

  1. Christopher Price

    Keep in mind the root process has not been confirmed on this build, in fact, there’s evidence already that it won’t work after updating.

    With no confirmation that the Mobile Hotspot bugs have been fixed, I would suggest avoiding this one for now. At least with the old version you can root the device and get Wireless Tether installed.

  2. HTC Thunderbolt User

    Crap I updated it.

  3. Christopher Price

    It does appear that you can root after installing or being forced to take this update.

    We’re working on an article about the forced firmware updates, and no, we’re not happy about what it means for user safety.

    Regardless, you will be able to downgrade to MR0, root, and then update to MR1 and keep root.

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