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5 responses to “Verizon Samsung Fascinate Launching on September 9th, Best Buy Opens Reward Zone Pre-Orders”

  1. JJ

    Are they kidding? Did verizon not learn anything from their TP? Whey do they have to cut the memory? Another reason why I’m glad I have sprint.

  2. Mike

    I preordered one just yesterday. I can’t wait to get it. Personally I don’t need that much memory on my phone.

  3. JJ

    Its not about having memory for musi, files etc.. Its about having memory so that the phone runs smoothly and doesn’t lag when your running programs. Hopefully it won’t affect it too much. Hey, maybe it doesn’t affect it too much.

  4. cj

    @jj i have the diamond on sprint which doesnt have a sd slot unlike the verizon version.

  5. sim

    What are you talking about?? They didn’t cut the memory. Both the Fascinate and the Epic 4G have the same memory at 512MB. They are identical phones with the same onboard 1Ghz processors, 512 memory and 16GB storage…..