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7 responses to “Verizon Samsung SCH-U820 Reality Launching on April 30th”

  1. Adam1990

    I am about to get the samsung rogue. But then when heard that this phone was going to be a slider phone like the rogue I might get if it turns out pretty good. It would be worth the wait till April 30th.

  2. Verizon Samsung Reality Launching on April 22nd |

    […] previously reported the phone features the TouchWiz user interface along with a QWERTY keyboard, 3.0 inch WQVGA […]

  3. samsung reality

    does anyone know if the reality will have Swype texting? i hope so, as it has the same TouchWiz interface as the Swype-using Samsung Omnia 2.

  4. icy00

    Does anybody know if this phone is going to be better than the Samsung Rogue???? I have been looking at the Rogue for a long time and have heard it’s a piece of crap. I’m getting my new phone in two months and I have been set on the Rogue. (Despite hearing all the bad comments about it.) I don’t know why, there’s just something i like about the phone. However, if this is better than the rogue, i will definitely get this. I like slider phones and the touch screen. It would be cool if it had the swipe texting also!

  5. bgrdfn

    the rogue is a great phone. i have used it for the last few months and love it… the camera is sweet and the games you can get for it make it totally worth it. i used to hate samsung and anything of the sort. but i thought i would give it a try. i would expext the reality to be better then the rouge and up there with the omina 2. because i use the omnia 2 for work and it was great for my needs.

  6. Erica

    haha i have this phone and love it! I dont know if it is better than any of those phones but i like it! it has a really good touch srceen and i like how you also have the keyboard. You also have good settings since i use my phon efor like everything! i dont think it has Swype txting;it has the full keyboard and you can also us ABC and T9 on the touch screen. If you are trying to decide between phones decide for your self by goign to a version store and play around with the phones so that way you know for sure which one you like

  7. Abby

    I have this phone and absolutely love it!! The touch screen is amazing so much better than the lg vu i just switched from. Everything is so easy to navigate through and the settings are great as well. I bought the phone not knowing that it comes with removable memory so that was awesome too. I know the phone looks like the rouge and all but i think its better, my friend has the rouge and i dis test it, but i guess it goes on wat ur looking for in a phone.