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3 responses to “Verizon Says Unlimited Plan Holders Can’t Renew Contracts Sans Device Subsidy”

  1. Mustang46L

    Wow, I so miss the old days when I paid $20 for 100 mintues and unlimited nights and weekends and then tacked on $5.00 for mobile web (unlimited) and $10 for unlimited text messaging. Wireless carriers really stopped caring about their customers and are only concerned about profits for shareholders now and it is quite sad..

    1. Roman Iakoubtchik

      It’s not so much that they stopped caring, the overall data usage has skyrocketed. Almost everything now a days is in the cloud. From file storage, messaging, to streaming movies, and the list just goes on. Price increases for data are understandable.

      What I find offensive is Verizon’s tactics in trying to almost trick/force people out of the grandfathered plans. Quite frankly, it’s pathetic.