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4 responses to “Verizon Selling BlackBerry Pearl for $20 After New 2 Year Agreement and Rebate”

  1. Zero

    US Cellular has been selling this at FREE after $70 MIR for new activations or Qualified upgrades… Cheaper out the door and cheaper after MIR, also better Network (IMHO, at least in Chicago and Milwaukee)…

  2. Christopher Price

    Yes, but Verizon is the only nationwide provider that is directly discounting this much. Most people are not in a US Cellular coverage area.

  3. Zero

    I did not realize that Phone News only reported on national carriers… I would assume that the millions of people in the US Cell coverage areas would like to know that a similar deal exists for them…

  4. Christopher Price

    Zero, of course we report on regional carriers. You’re free to search our past reporting to see that.

    However, we always focus on national carriers… for obvious reasons.