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25 responses to “Verizon to Add Alltel Customers to Mobile to Mobile Service, Change Branding”

  1. Penny Stolz

    Sirs: Good deal…….I am an Alltel customer and my daughter is a Verizon customer. She gave me a Verizon phone for my birthday….Do you no when I will be able to switch it over? I live in Fairmont, Mn. Thank you………….Penny Stolz

  2. Christopher Price

    It has not been announced yet when customers will be able to migrate from an Alltel plan to a Verizon plan and phone.

  3. Benjamin

    As a Verizon Wireless customer my experience with this has been hit and miss. My Alltel friends and family in Mobile, AL and the Tampa Bay area are being billed as IN calling and the Tallahassee FL, and Appleton WI areas are still being billed at standard rates. I spoke to Verizon yesterday and they told me that they were aware of the issue and working to resolve it. The same thing happened with the AT&T Wireless Cingular merger in 2004 so this is not a big surprise to me.

    To Penny
    By what is posted on the Alltel & Verizon Wireless web sites the rebranding and changes are suppose to take place in the second and third quarter which would be between April and September. You can track Merger Information updates here


    Verizon Wireless

    You should also be getting a letter within the next few weeks with more detailed information related to your specific account

  4. Tom Chritz

    4 weeks ago I purchased alltel air card for internet access. My signal at home is weak but usable. Will there be any joint migration of signal for the air cards? Do they use the same anntenna towers as cell phones? Can I expect possible signal upgrades in Midland Michigan? Thanks,

  5. Jo Ann

    I currently have Alltel with My Circle. Will My Circle be continued?

  6. Lance

    Is Verizon just dropping the in branding from a promotional/advertising perspective or will the “In” calling feature be something that vzw customers are no longer able to use after 2/15?

  7. Larry

    I live in Florida and saw a commercial (during an Orlando Magic game on FSN or SUN) featuring Verizion and Alltel. The commercial implied that they were both mobile to mobile with each now. Is that asvertisement correct?

  8. Johnathon

    I think that they will let Alltel run its self just with the addition of Verizion technology in it. I am an Alltel user at the moment and most of my friends have Verizion.It will be good to know when both of the services will beable to call each other as there mobile to mobile service.Just hope they don’t take forever to do it.

  9. Larry

    I just checked today and my Verizon calls were not charged to me when I called them from my alltel phone. So, it looks to me as if they have worked things out with each other and I think it’s awesome!!!

  10. tasha


  11. Julia

    I also would like to have the Blackberry Storm – however, I was thinking that Verizon used sim cards? Is this correct? Will Alltel customers be able to use Verizon phones? That would be awesome!!!

  12. Penny Stolz

    Sirs, Thank you for answering my question….Now I have another question…I have a 507-399-xxxx # can I keep it or will I need to get a new #? Thanks, Penny Stolz

  13. shelby crump

    I am on Verizon and want to know which Alltel customers I may call without using my minutes.

  14. Bryan Watson

    hey, you can activate a verizon phone on alltel or other way around. i have done it. and yes penny u can keep your number. as far as the mobile to mobile goes its free either way. its already been merged so if they are charging u you might want to call them up because they shouldnt be

  15. Penny Stolz

    They say I can’t activate my verizon phone……..I have talked to both companies.. Bryan Watson where did you get your phone activate.. Thank you; Penny Stolz

  16. crystal

    me and my daughter are both an alltel customer. we have been for awhile now, my question is. if the both of us are alltel customers and are phone upgrades are availble to us now. the only problem is that we got them in montana when we were living there. we now live in the state of utah. the closest store in 2 hours away. if the two companies have merged, shouln’t it be possible for us to go to the verizon store and up grade our phones. and if not than why?

  17. Bill

    A friend of mine gave me a Verizon Casio phone. I am an Alltel customer so I called Alltel yesterday and was told they cannot activate that phone on Alltel. If they are one company, why? Can I go to a Verizon store even though I am Alltel?

  18. lexcis

    ive heard so many different comments on weather you can use verizon with alltel i just want a well put together answer..i really wnt the verizon blk berry storm but i dnt no if i should purchase it or not>>someone please help

  19. brandon

    i am an alltel customer, and i want a new phone but i cant upgrade for a while so i got a verizon phone from my friend and i was to use it on alltels contract..can i do that?

  20. Nikki

    under contract with a family member with alltel…we want new phones!!! looked on ebay but not sure what to look for ..with or wthout contract. I am sure it needs to be Alltel or Verizon phone…Help

  21. jack daniel

    my family is with verison,but many of our friends are with altel. Can we now talk with no minutes charged as network to network. I understand that verison only bought 85 % of altel – please! I only like good surprises

  22. Sam

    Here’s some important customer news from the merger:

  23. belle flores

    i would like to add a favorite number not excluding the one i have

  24. Laura LIzabe

    You can only talk with those Alltel customers that have transitioned to Verizon. The merger is now complete and those customers should be part of the Verizon network which makes them part of your in network. Those that are still Alltel will not be transitioning to Verzion anymore.

  25. Laura LIzabe

    First find out if your coverage is affected by the merger. Go to: type in your zip code and it will determine what network you are on. Once you find out the status of your network your search for a new phone will be narrowed down to only one network since you must purchase a phone for your specific carrier