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6 responses to “Verizon to Discontinue 1 Year Contracts on April 17th”

  1. F1

    Sad to see it go…

    A strategic marketing mistake, fewer options, fewer customers, mind you that they are not competetively priced to begin with; now they have one less sales tool to utilize, less innovative marketing, more uniform strategies can possibly not be beneficial to the consumers.

    Thank You

  2. bottomline

    I think its fantastic…….. For the competition!

  3. jim

    Why is it fantastic for the competition? They all have pretty much abandoned the 1 year contract so where is the incentive to switch? If a contract doesn’t appeal to you then go month-to-month and pay full retail. I don’t because with the exception of t-mobile, no carrier offeres a discount on plan rates for full retail purchase.

  4. Christopher Price

    It’s fantastic for the competition because it brings Verizon in-line with the competition. The ~10% of customers that were taking one-year contracts now really have no options, and with AT&T acquiring T-Mobile, those options are even fewer for one-year contracts to re-emerge.

    The only bright side here is that prepaid is continuing to rise, with plans like Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk making one-year contracts less competitive on that side.

    My advice to those that were interested in VZW one-year would be to head to Virgin, unless coverage forces you into a Verizon month-to-month.

  5. F1


    The short version,
    it is only “fantastic” from the industry corp. stand point, one less tool to compete against.

    Thank You

  6. Howard

    People are still signing contracts?! I have no idea why people continue to lock themselves in a contract that canot be canceled unless you pay a hefty fee. After a nasty break up with Tmobile that left me with $250 less in my pocket, I decided that contracts werent for me and I switched to Straight Talk and its been smooth sailing since. Ive been very happy with my service and it gives me piece of mind to know that anytime I can walk out and leave.