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8 responses to “Verizon to Force Grandfathered Unlimited Data Users to Shared Data Later This Year”

  1. Christopher Price

    I personally suspect that Verizon will throttle grandfathered customers who migrate to LTE before the cutoff… but I also expect those terms to be superior to pooled data.

    In either case, the message from Verizon is clear. Even if you love your iPhone, you’ll have the most options if you migrate to an LTE smartphone now.

  2. Jimmy

    I have two unlimited iPhones on VZW right now. And, if they require me to switch from unlimited data it will not happen. I will switch back to Sprint and keep unlimited (if they still have it by then) and save myself money while doing it. VZW can really just go f themselves cause this is just going to anger customers and people will leave to go to other carriers.


    Glad to see i am not the only one who has noticed the change coming from Verizon. I have been with Verizon wireless for more than 15years. currently they have been flexing more of a greedy attitude vs. a customer friendly attitude as in the past. customers such as myself with family plans and multiple lines are being screwed and not taken into consideration for anything other than fattening of the corporate wallet. There is absolutely no advantage to being a long term customer or a customer with multiple lines. Everything that once was a given is now being taken away and customers are being nickled and dimed to death. with the overwhelming amount of dropped calls and the move to wrestle every dime from a customers pocket, there is no longer anything that sets them apart from any other carrier. I feel more asnd more disappointed every time i step into a Verizon store. BTW, what is this new $30.00 upgrade fee and where did IT come from? 🙁

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  5. Cher'ley

    I don’t want to buy a new phone (was buying it outright to keep contract), if they are going to force me to a limited data plan. I used 4 GB in less than 2 weeks. I work on the internet. I will move to a different company. I have internet on my WI-Fi plan from my cable company, I can use a regular phone, even though I love my Droid.

    I’ll be one that will leave. My kids and their children have already left.

  6. Christopher Price


    Since this article, Verizon changed their stance. You will be able to keep your unlimited data plan going forward, provided you pay the unsubsidized price for phones (full retail), or purchase a used/refurbished phone.

    Provided you do not sign a new contract with Verizon, Verizon has said they have no plans to take away your unlimited data plan.

  7. Chris

    my plan goes all the way back to alltel, even a verizon rep told me not to let the change my plan(2010), i have had this plan for 10 years, at first (07) verizon told me i would eventually have to change…thats been 6yrs ago, only chang I have mad is adding unlimited plan in Dec2010,

  8. Cher'ley

    Thank You.