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3 responses to “Verizon to Halt Kin Sales In-Store Today (Updated)”

  1. Donna B

    Microsoft released the Kin, with many missing features, but promised that the shortcomings would be fixed by updates sometime in the future.

    With the axing of the platform, those updates never came.

    Now Microsoft is at it again, an exact repeat of the Kin debacle.

    Windows Phone 7 will be released later this year, despite missing many features and much functionality. Microsoft is once again promising that the Windows Phone 7 shortcomings will be fixed “via updates in the future.” Sound familiar?

  2. Geo

    Windows 7 Phone is already doomed.

  3. Chuck

    The Kin should have been marketed as an affordable prepay service for teens and young adults. Trying to pretend like its a PDA and charging the same rates as Andrioid, BB, or Web OS phones is what really killed it.

    But, Windows 7 is what Microsoft is focusing on. I mean, the Kin died because they had Windows Phone 7 to fall back on. If WP7 fails, they got nothing to fall back on.