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12 responses to “Verizon to Move to Tiered Data Access in Summer”

  1. Christopher Price

    Okay, okay, all I want to know is… who was the first person to click the Facebook like button on this article.


  2. JJ

    Sprint is next. Say goodbye to the everything plan. We all knew this was coming. I just hope that all these companies let us grandfather in the unlimited plans.

  3. Jon

    Looks like I will be staying with 3G. I can’t justify paying more than $30.00 a month for data. I also wouldn’t be comfortable worrying about how much data I use. Some months I use 500-600 mb’s. Other months I’ve use 2.5-3 GB’s. Its just like oil, get the whole country depending on it then raise the prices. I love Verizon coverage and service, but the prices are quite expensive. But then again, you get what you pay for.

  4. Jim

    Not with Verizon you don’t. Stingy caps at rediculous prices.Upsells for every feature on your phone. And note who is being addressed here with this tiered data crap: An INVESSTORS meeting.Now don’t tell me it’s just BUSINESS. Screw BUSINESS. I’m getting sick and tired of INVESTORS telling CEO’s to find new ways to rape the paying consumer to fatten up their portfolios and dividends.

  5. Jon

    Maybe we should all downgrade back to feature phones. Gotta treat them like the oil companies.

  6. Nickle&Diming

    I can’t believe the FCC doesn’t regulate cell phone charges like they do with landlines. I’d very much like carriers seeking approval every time they want to raise their rates.

    This wouldn’t be horrible if two things were observed.

    1.) Increase the cap to 5 GB not 2 like AT&T.

    2.) Implement roll over data, so if I use 500 Megs one month and 6 Gigs the next I’m not penalized.

    I love how with many people removing their landlines and replacing them with cell phones only, the FCC actually does LESS work than they did before. Cell phones need to be classified as a public utility and monitored as such. This will make the carriers less likely to price gouge their customers…

  7. Jim

    Yes, the carriers SHOULD be regulated as common carriers (Title II) as the FCC TRIED to do. But thanks to strong lobbyists and corporate lawyers and kickbacks to bought congressmen, the telcos, specifically ATT and Verizon, nixed Net Neutrality and reclassification of wireless as Title II common carriers. What a MESS this country’s wireless infrastructure is. Competing incompatible tech, redundancy of infrastructure buildouts of these technologies to serve the same markets, investor-friendly, consumer-hostile business models, locked, closed, and crippled phones, you name it. Makes me want to move to Europe.

  8. Nickle&Diming

    @JJ “Sprint is next.”

    I don’t know if Sprint will want to do that just yet.

    They implemented higher rates for 4G, then they raised their 3G rates and they are by NO means Verizon large/popular. Sprint is becoming less and less the El Cheapo of the big 4 carriers. If they implement a cap now after raising all their rates and killing yearly updates, why would I stay with them instead of going to Verizon who also has a cap with much, much larger coverage and typically better phones. Sprint probably will eventually charge as much as AT&T and Verizon but if they don’t throw in a gimmick like unlimited usage they’re only hurting themselves. I’ll drop them for Verizon in a heartbeat as well as many other people that feel the same as I do.

  9. Christopher Price

    If Sprint does, I suspect they will be the last. Throttling will be a more likely route.

    Sprint has invested millions in advertising “no caps, no limits” over AT&T and Verizon.

  10. cessch

    after adding a plan to my acct for my mom and getting screwed on my existing plan then getting screwed on activation for a phone bought in december, which if activated would force a plan change i learned to hate sprint and the crappy customer service.
    sprint is not that much cheaper then verizon and verizon has a much better network. i would not advise anyone to open a sprint account. the customer service has no respect for the the customers.

    i actually, after my november experience hate sprint and am waiting to bail to another vendor even if it cost me more. they are A**holes

  11. Ryan

    I can’t wait to see what the prices are.. I have been a loyal verizon customer for 16 years. I will not, NOT, pay more then 30 bucks a month for data, and I will not tolerate a cap for that 30 bucks. Its already a rip off.

  12. Damian

    Well..good bye Smartphone..hello Feature phone. do we really need to pay $30 – $60 or more for data just to see updates on facebook?..not me. what’s wrong with finding directions the old way? even the GPS is not all that!..screw them..I for one will not pay or be force into the high end data plans. Verizon, AT n T , Spring and T-mobile. SCREW YOU!!..I”m the boss and I decide what to do with my money. you are a bunch of white collard MAFIA.