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2 responses to “Verizon to Offer New Low-Cost Connect Data Plan on November 14th”

  1. Christopher Price

    And no, this isn’t available for smartphones, it’s simply meant to replace the MW2.0 plan which was on pre-Nationwide plans.

    WM2.0: $5/mo with airtime minutes used.
    Connect: $10/mo, no airtime used
    V CAST vPak: $15/mo, Connect + V CAST Video

    Considering the pre-Nationwide plans also offered a V CAST w/o Mobile Web 2.0 for only $10/month, this isn’t a rate drop… it’s just filling one of Verizon’s plan holes.

  2. deeskillz2000

    I mentioned this plan on an earlier post before they announced it. It may be “just $5” cheaper than V-Cast … but in this economy, I will take what I can get. And it’s actually a $10 value …. since Mobile Email (unlimited use) is included. Not too many people ( at least in MY neck of the woods anyway ) had any real use for V-Cast.