19 responses to “Verizon Relaunches Alltel’s “my circle” as Friends and Family”

  1. Verizon User

    So Here is some information that I found out yesterday regarding friends and family on verizon. So right now I have 8 lines of service with them, but they are listed as two family shares on one account level. So when i had signed into myverizon guess what? I only had 10 F&F slots that I could answer. after being on the phone with customer service (who might I say was very understanding and helpful) had told me that in order to achieve two F&F list so a total of (20), I would have to separate my accounts into two levels. and receive two separate bills… So now im stuck, cause this is what I didnÊ»t want. I didnÊ»t want two bills, I want one bill. and I want 20 contacts that i can share amongst the 8 lines of service so that I can keep my plan as low as possible. anyways… I am hoping that theyÊ»ll have a fix soon.

  2. Verizon Subscriber

    I learned about this new promotion at the mall today. I think this is great. First T-Mobile had Fave 5, then Alltel (which Verizon bought) had My Circle, finally we have something like it, with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!. Though if you look at it, the only downside is the number of contacts included. But its great seeing that VZW is looking out for our wallets, and giving us more breathing room with our monthly minutes.

  3. Benjamin

    The My Favs style of calling combined with newly added Alltel customers to mobile to mobile plus the extensive coverage of combined Alltel and Verizon networks makes this the best time ever to be on Big Red.

  4. Thatguy

    Fav Five has alway been a hack job of MyCircle anyway. With Fav 5 you lose M2M or N&W unless you pay more.
    This is a smart move for Verizon.

    Oh and My Cirlce predates Fav 5. And Spring had or has) a 3 person plam similar that they have put no money behind. It may be expired now.

  5. John Hoffman

    This promotion sucks! You have to be on a 1400 minute plan to get just 5. If you have to bump up to a plan with much more minutes, whats the point. My wife and I text more than call now so we dont use many minutes especially with free nights, weekends, and calling other verizon customers. This is just another promotion with many strings attached!

  6. Benjamin

    I am not sure what you are looking at since the all family plans starting at 1400 and going all the way up to 6000 minutes get 10 free numbers to call. The single line 900 and 1350 plans are the only ones that get 5 free numbers. I will give credit that T-Mobiles My Favs for families is better in the fact that they get 5 per line, but considering that this is the first offering of its sort by Verizon we are lucky. Now that Alltel has been gobbled up and is out of the way this is especially true. Lastly as far as Sprint goes they still have a pick 3 plan but unfortunately the only way to get it is to threaten to leave and be transferred to retention. Once it is on your account you still have to call and wait in line for a CS rep to change any of the numbers. It would be nice to see this plan made public but as it has been a successful exiting customer negotiation I don’t believe it will.

  7. deeskillz2000

    John, I don’t if that argument makes any sense. The two “basement” plans ( single line 450 and FS 700 ) are the only plans that this doesn’t work on. The Family and Friends feature is aimed at people who make a ton of out-of-network calls. If all you do is text and call IN network, you really have no gripe. You can stay on a 700 minute FS ( you and your wife or anyone else ) because your minutes aren’t being burned. No strings attached here ….. because there is no additional charge for the feature. Think about it; I’m on a 700 minute plan and minutes are an issue. I could bump up to 1400 minutes ( which I would have to do anyway ) for an extra 20 bucks. Then, I could designate up to 10 NON Verizon Wireless numbers ( including landlines ) for no additional charge. Sounds sweet to me. It would save me another 20 bucks from going to the 2100 minute plan if the need arises. And to Benjamin, the feature works on single plans 900 minutes and up. But even if it only worked on the 900 and 1350 minute plans, it’s still a good deal. Why? Because the 1350 plan is $79.99 monthly. If you have more than 5 people you want to put into your Friends and Family list, then you would go up to the next plan which $99.99 for about 2000 minutes. At that point, I wouldn’t care if the Friends and Family feature didn’t work with the plan because if you do THAT, you might as well get the Unlimited Talk plan for the same price …. making any plan of 2000 minutes or higher AND the Friends and Family feature a mute point.

  8. JJ

    Hey Hoffman, to get 5y numbers on a single line you only have to be on the 900 min plan. The family plan is the one that requires 1400 mins.

  9. Benjamin

    To deeskillz2000 The $99 unlimited plan replaced the 2000 minute plan and the only people this might affect would be someone who had signed up more than a year ago for the previous offering and hasn’t realized that they can get full unlimited for the same price, or in a few cases someone who has an old enough plan where data is charged by the minute and not the MB. Still for the majority of users the 900 and 1350 single line plans are the only 2 where it would even be necessary

  10. Courtney

    Not to completely be lazy and not do my own research but with this family and friends package from verizon do I also get free texting to any five I pick?

  11. Terry Tyson

    How do I get to my altell friends and family list that I already have set up?I need to make changes NOW.

  12. Dotty

    Why is it so hard to get to the friends and family so you can add them on… HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEE

  13. jennie bailey

    I need to change my circle of friends

  14. Bruce Danley


  15. Clarence Hays

    I am trying to change my “circle of frinds” and cannot find where or how to change.

  16. Judy Clarke

    Now that Alltel changed to Verizon. I want to change my circle of friends list. Let me know .
    Thank you

  17. Janet Cobb

    Need instructions on how to change my Circle of Friends.

  18. lee buntrock

    How do I look up my circle of friends?

  19. zionsmith

    I need instrutions on how to change my circle of friends