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2 responses to “Verizon to Relaunch Kin as Feature Phones”

  1. That Guy

    Bet the OS is gone and replaced by standard brand OS

  2. Christopher Price

    I seriously doubt the KIN OS will be replaced by Windows Phone 7. The “Standard OS” for KIN devices is Windows CE… and Microsoft will not ship those phones with WinCE.

    What I suspect is that the KIN OS will be pared down, made to be even less data hungry (The Loop may get the axe, maybe not), and Zune Pass, etc will be done over-the-wire in all likelihood.

    The result will be a feature phone built atop what bridged Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, which is what KIN really was all along. You’ll be able to surf the web with Internet Explorer, launch the Mail client and check your email, etc… but it will be controlled or defaulted to not push so that the $15/150MB plan fits.

    And really, it’s the standardizing of data plans on Verizon that brought KIN back. Had the $15/150MB plan not emerged, I doubt KIN would have come back. Microsoft has stockpiles of these phones that they need to unload. If they can revive KIN as a viable feature phone in the marketplace, that will be all the more saving grace that will help put Microsoft back in the game.