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9 responses to “Verizon to Start Tiered Data Plans in July, Plans Revealed”

  1. jhckstp

    Damn. Those are some expensive prices. Oh, when will Sprint get the iPhone? If VZW takes away my unlimited data plan when the iPhone 5 comes out and I want to upgrade from my iPhone 4 I will just jump ship. I just hope that Sprint will have the iPhone and better plans at that same time.

  2. Jon

    They just ended any incentive for me to join them.

  3. Jeff

    When will AT&T raise their prices to match?

  4. JJ

    Good question. Thats how it always happens.
    Hey, for those who want to leave verizon now, don’t forget the evo4g is now free on amazon and wirefly and if you get it before the 24th sprint will give you an extra $125 credit on your account. You can’t beat that.

  5. Dave

    “in order to ease the strain on its data network as a result of the rapid increase in smartphone usage.” Why not just upgrade their servers…oh wait; that would cost money and cut into their profits. Greed.

  6. F1

    1:11 PM 6/21/2011

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.

    You are now chatting with ‘Mary Katherine’

    Mary Katherine: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?

    You: There is NO WAY to add Options!! Or for a quote!!

    Mary Katherine: I can definitely get you a quote. How many lines do you need?

    Mary Katherine: You can have as many as 5 lines on any family plan.

    You: How do you activate price options?

    Mary Katherine: To get the price options you would like you can go through the order process as if you were placing a real order and you can see the final costs on the review page.

    You: 450 min + 250Text + Unlimited Data is how much?

    Mary Katherine: $74.98.

    Mary Katherine: Would you like to get that plan today?

    You: How much is the aprox monthly charge incl Fess & Taxes?

    Mary Katherine: You can see the totals with taxes included by going through the order process and getting past the customer information page where you enter your city, state and other info. Then you will see the total prices with taxes included and have the option to cancel or continue.

    Mary Katherine: Taxes are regulated by your city and state.

    You: I gave VZW 90210 as zip

    Mary Katherine: I can not calculate the taxes for you, however you can see them on that final review page that I previously mentioned. Would you like me to walk you through that process now?

    You: Also can you add tethering to “the iPhone” or “the CHARGE”, if so how for much extra?

    Mary Katherine: Well, there is an app that you can download with those phones that will give you unlimited tethering for free. If you were to add that through verizon you would pay $50 for 5gb or $80 for 10gb.

    You: so what happens to UNLIMITED DATA?

    Mary Katherine: The phones you listed do have an unlimited data requirement for $29.99 and that is for complete unlimited web directly on your phone. Plus, if you use the app to tether, you will be using the unlimited web data and with that there are no overages.

    You: btw there is no iPhone App for tethering,
    (Sorry, but no results matched your search in the Apple Store)

    Mary Katherine: Thank you.

    You: Is that stated in writing anywhere?

    Mary Katherine: Are you referring to the tether or the unlimited data actually being unlimited?

    You: Tether…

    Mary Katherine: No. There is not. Tethering with an app is provided by the app market for your phone. But, if you want to tether through verizon we have that information and the prices listed.

    Mary Katherine: Just check for mobile broadband on smartphones.

    You: I was at the VZW store on 2 occasions, no one told me of this!

    Mary Katherine: I am sorry to hear that. Would you like me to assist you with your purchase here online today?

    You: Not today, I have been shopping for associates…

    Mary Katherine: How may I further assist you here?

    You: I have until July Six…right?

    Mary Katherine: Correct.

    You: Ok…I will convey your info…thank you!

    Mary Katherine: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day!

    Your chat session has been ended by your Verizon Wireless online agent.

  7. F1

    No worries, at #1 and #2

    Looking more attractive by the minute, hope that Phonenews allows this post to make it you!

    Thank You



  8. F1

    No worries, at #1 and #2

    Looking more attractive by the minute, hope that Phonenews allows this post to make it to you!

    Thank You



  9. JailBird

    @Dave: Servers? This has nothing to do with servers, geez.

    The problem is finite spectrum, the cost to install and maintain towers, and the huge cost of providing backhaul to the towers.

    It’s cyclical. As a provider you pay out the nose to build out your network, then you enjoy the profits that come in for a while. Eventually a competitor starts building a better network, and you hope by that time you’ve built enough profits up to pay out the nose yet again. Rinse and repeat.

    If they DIDN’T collect profits and just spent non-stop on the network, you’d end up like Sprint, bleeding money and unable to afford to build their network out.

    While there is greed in the industry (or any industry really), competition does what it’s supposed to by keeping things in check.

    Besides, since when is greed a bad thing?