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5 responses to “Verizon to Support Nexus One in Spring”

  1. Nanfy

    What NO sprint version? If sprint does not get a CDMA version and still refuses to active foreign ESNs that’s bad. Even worse, If verizon does get the iphone this year and sprint does not, and sprint still insists on not activating foreign ESNs then its RIP for sprint.

  2. j knocks

    its kind of hard for you to use a phone from verizon on sprint cause of the chips in the phone verizons phones run on 800mhz sprints run on a 1900mhz you couldnt find signal with a verizon phone on sprint yes there both cdma but different mhz signal

  3. Nanfy

    The droid supports both frequencies.

    Most cdma phones will run on either network. Sprint does not allow foreign ESNs. If it doesn’t say sprint on it, they wont activate it.

    Its possible on verizion to activate a sprint phone, but its not easy.

    People due run Pre’s on verizon already. Not sure if they got data working yet though.
    Like I said, sprint’s policies will lead them to doom. They have to be more open.

  4. F1

    SPRINT will be forced to change policy, wait and you will see!
    I actually prefer the ERIS black rubberized design over the HERO despite it’s larger battery.

    Thank You

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