Verizon Updates Droid Eris with Bug Fixes, Not Android 2.2

Verizon Wireless has begun pushing out a new update for the HTC Droid Eris. The update does not upgrade the device to Android 2.2, but instead makes bug fixes to the existing Android 2.1 branch.

The update will be rolled out over the next week. The upgrade is already being pushed to the first waves of phones, and users report success installing the update. Users who installed “leaked” versions of the initial Android 2.1 update have also been successful in updating to the latest version.

Verizon discontinued the Droid Eris over the past week, and has declined to comment as to if the device will be upgraded to Android 2.2. Meanwhile, Motorola has confirmed that the Droid (released on the same day as the Droid Eris) will in fact be upgraded to Android 2.2. Verizon similarly declined to comment on the parallel between the two situations.

Read more for the change list from Verizon.

* Improved audio
** The audio controls have been updated.
* Enhanced speed dial
** Save and add contacts to speed-dial list with ease.
* Improved text, video, and picture messaging functionality

* Contacts now sync with Backup Assistant, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Facebook.
* The Weather app / widget has been enhanced and stabilized.
* Droid Eris will now pair with a Jabra Bluetooth headset.

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29 responses to “Verizon Updates Droid Eris with Bug Fixes, Not Android 2.2”

  1. D M

    My Eris will not load IE on the first touch anymore. Everytime I try it kicks off. Second time works fine but the first never works. Also, major delay since the last upgrade. It worked great until the last upgrade a couple months ago…when will the new upgrade be available? Will it fix these issues?

  2. tom

    how can text threads be sent to an e-mail without individually sending each message

  3. jaz

    so when will the droid eris be back..
    would you recommend this phone ?
    im planning on getting this phone but some say its amazing & others hate it ..

  4. gene

    Does risk support Google contacts importing. Went from Motorola Droid to Eris.none in stock at time of repurchase

  5. Christopher Price

    Droid Eris supports Google Contact sync, as well as Microsoft Exchange with the released Android 2.1 update.

    Droid Eris is out of stock online, but if you call customer service you may be able to order a refurbished unit. It was $169 last time we checked.

  6. Dick Barnum

    I’ve had my Eris since January, no notice yet from Verizon that my 2.1(!) update is available, and when I call, the nice lady says they have 6 months to finish the full process . Do I really have to twiddle my thumbs till I hear from them? How can I speed them up? It sounds like the 2.2 update is only going to take a week to get to everyone.

  7. Dan

    Dick, Go into Settings – About Phone or Phone Info (I forget, the settings folder format changes after upgrading) and then check for an option – System Updates. I had to manually download the update. You should sync your contacts with Google just as a precaution. That option will be in your Settings somewhere as well.

  8. Christopher Price

    If that fails, take the phone to a Verizon Wireless store. They will either update it manually (over-the-wire), or order you a replacement.

  9. Damon

    Has this been a confirmed update? I haven’t heard of this update anywhere else on the web, nor have I heard confirmation that anyone’s received this update yet.

  10. Damon

    Ha, well good. In that case, I’m excited.

  11. Brandon Stella

    Will this update include a fix for the signal bar bug?

  12. Richard Redstreaks

    I have had the Droid Eris since Feb. It worked great until the 2.1 update. Now, if I use the camera once or twice, the phone starts to malfunction. I cannot call out or receive calls. Apps do not work. The only remedy is to restart. Do you think this update will fix that?

  13. Chuck

    Any idea how long this bug-fix update will take to get to everyone? I’m having the same issue with the camera and cam-corder killing the sound on incoming calls since the 2.1 update. The only fix is to re-boot. I’ve doen the hard reset, doesn’t help and it was fine until the update.

  14. Joe

    I’d also be interested to know if there was a definitive timeframe for this update; neither me nor my Eris-owning friend have received an update yet.

  15. Ethan Turner

    Where is this change list from Verizon? If the update was confirmed, wouldn’t a Verizon change list be up on the Eris support page on their website?

  16. Aaron

    What are the Build and Software numbers for this update? I stopped by the Verizon store last night. The tech knew about the update and said it was available but then changed his tune and said it wasn’t available yet and that he couldn’t find any updates for my phone. What’s going on with this update?

  17. Michael Lyman

    Christopher, Where did you get this info? Can you provide a link? My Verizon store doesn’t know anything about it and I cannot find anything about this anywhere else. It’s been over a week and I don’t have the update and my son does not either. Thanks.

  18. Jose Smith

    Yes, Loved my Eris until I loaded 2.1, now the battery life is atrocious and the phone is flat out buggy. Will this push be automatic and we won’t see it, because I haven’t gotten anything otherwise.

  19. Daniel

    I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business. My wife and I were both very happy customers at Verizon until this update and the response. We had a fair proposal that would make the situation right which Verizon will not agree to. Amber compared it to buying a tv at walmart and that any problems with the item must be taken up with the manufacturer outside of the warranty. I say that is apples and oranges since a phone is made up of the hardware, software and service and much different than a TV. It’s more like the cable company(verizon) selling you a tv then zapping it with something that breaks it. Please fix this VERIZON or you will hear from a lawyer soon and lose many customers!

  20. Michael Lyman
  21. Chuck

    Just FYI. I just received the update. At least initially it seems to have corrected the loss of audio I was having on calls. We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

  22. hectorthehut

    The update seems to have taken a particularly foul smelling shit all over my Eris. The market just disappeared, it’s slow as hell, the intertubez explorer keeps closing out of nowhere, and the battery life manages to be worse than it used to be. And I have a sneaking suspicion that my phone has now converted to Scientology. Anyone have similar issues?!

  23. eorourke

    I manually updated and have encountered no issues so far. If you’d rather install the update yourself, rather than waiting for the OTA, you can download the update file and receive simple installation instructions here:

  24. hectorthehut

    Thank you kindly, sir.

  25. John

    The link doesn’t seem to work anymore.