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19 responses to “Verizon Wireless Announces HTC Droid Incredible”

  1. JJ

    Thats a great price for the this phone. I wonder how sprint is going to price the EVO and how best buy will price both of the phones.

  2. Duker

    Is it me or are all these PDAs looking the same?

  3. JJ

    It doesn’t matter too me if they all look like the evo. Its a sharp looking phone and as long as the internal specs keep getting better it doesn’t matter.

  4. Matthew

    This is what’s going to end up killing Android, or making it the most used platform. Granted most of the new phones are coming out with 2.1; this game of one upping the previous Android phone makes no phone in the android would future proof for very long. I bought the Droid back in December, and all these new phones come out; one upping the specs. Though I still prefer the Droid, this one looks really nice.

  5. jimster

    Moto Droid is junk compared to this. This kicks ass!

  6. Paul

    Why are people comparing this to the EVO? This is only EVDO-A (3G), not WiMax or LTE (which is 4G). Did I miss something?

  7. G!rlyAssass!n

    No. There are just a gang of retards posting **** they know nothing about. I however, am VERY excited for the release of this sexy ass device. Thank you VZW, good things DO come to those who wait Especially if you have a new every two credit of $100!

  8. Chuck

    It seems like EVERY HTC Android phone looks the same. No keyboard, big screen, thing, etc. There isn’t a whole lot to distinguish them apart.

  9. Christopher Price

    The EVO 4G and Incredible appear to have been designed in parity, similar to most HTC devices. The Incredible technically is an EVO 4G without WiMAX, with adjustments for RAM and ROM based on what the carriers want.

    This is nothing new, Sprint and Verizon engineers have been asking HTC for different RAM/ROM compliments for years now. Verizon can’t use WiMAX because they are moving to LTE, so they had to sit this round out without a 4G phone (until LTE is ready on their network).

    Rather than be without a superphone (Nexus One won’t be sold at Verizon retail stores), they opted for the HTC Incredible rather than have to force people down to the Motorola Droid.

  10. JJ

    The reason I keep comparing this phone to the evo is because that is the way htc is making a lot of their phones. The other reason this phone is being compared also is because 4g is not available everywhere and for most people who buy the evo will be like having the incredible.

    That is why us retards are comparing the phones.(Girlyassass)

    By the way the evo is going to kick incredibles butt when it comes out.

  11. SaltyDawg

    This phone may look like the Evo (because HTC makes them both) but it is actually a little different.

    The Incredible has a smaller screen than the Evo, and it’s AMOLED. The Evo also has the extra front facing camera.

    The Incredible seems to be the CDMA version of the Desire, which is similar to the Nexus One but running HTC’s Sense UI.

    The Evo is basically the HD2 running Android, with an extra front facing camera and a slightly upgraded rear facing camera.

  12. JJ

    Now that is the best explanation I have seen so far. Good comment salty! Although you forgot to mention that with the Evo you’ll get a great price on a plan too.

  13. F1

    @ JJ I second that! Thank you Salty!

    With the dawn of the “iPhone” design generation, the minimalist industrious design, lack of keyboard, minimal number of buttons….there is only so many form factor designs left.
    That also goes with the tablets, the back casing can be made of various material i.e metals vs man made plastics….the finish matte/glossy/designs/colors/ lastly interchangeable backs, that about sums up the choices of the current solid/non flex, form factor generation of cellular/tablet designs.

    Thank You

  14. HTC User

    Okay, I’ma little unsure which phone to purchase. At first, I was excited about the Nexus One, but the fact that they won’t be selling these at a Verizon store is a huge disadvantage, imho. I was VERY excited after looking at the specs for the HTC Incredible/Droid Incredible – but have concerns over purchasing a 3G phone when the 4G/LTE network will be rolled out soon. Would I be at a disadvantage purchasing the Incredible now?

    Or should I just wait until 4G/LTE rolls out?

  15. JJ

    @htc user
    It won’t do you any good to wait for 4g lte. It is still a ways out before it is rolled out. If your willing want to wait for almost a year or more to get a phone then thats fine. Your better off getting one of their android phones now. Just look at sprint. They have 4g out but not in all areas. Verizon will be the same way. If you were with sprint and had a premier account then it wouldn’t matter because you get a new phone every year instead of 2. Verizon used to have that but got rid of vip.
    In conclusion, if your going to wait for 4g to get a new phone then you will be waiting a long time.

  16. HTC User

    Thanks JJ – that’s what my dilemma is. My company will pay for a new phone (they don’t know it yet, lol) because my HTC Touch is two years old. I just didn’t want to get a new phone and find out that 9 months later I am way behind the 8 ball because either it is not compatible with 4G, or a new 4G phone comes out in 9 – 12 months that is FAR superior to the 3G version.

    If the 4G will take 12 -24 months before it is even usable in most places, then my decision is easy.

  17. JJ

    @htc user
    Is your company with Verizon or Sprint? Or do they let you choose which company to go with?

  18. HTC User

    Most everyone in the company uses AT&T, but a few of us have Verizon. No way in hell I’d switch from Verizon – I travel the US extensively, and I know better, I don’t care WHAT those AT&T commercials say!

  19. JJ

    If their footing the bill then stick with Verizon. ATT is a little overrated due to the iphone. Good luck