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4 responses to “Verizon Wireless Disputes Silent Recall Moniker on BlackBerry Storm 2”

  1. Verizon Recalling and Revising Storm2 Due to Display Issues |

    […] Verizon has responded to our reporting, which we have noted in a follow-up article. Trackback | Permalink […]

  2. clive

    I purchased this handset from newegg in November and I am unable to confirm if these developments apply to me. The ‘faulty screen’ issue occurs when you type in the digits and attempt to press the call button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. That corner becomes firm so you are unable to press it. The only way to dial the number you have typed in is to go through the menu (blackberry key) and access the call option.

  3. Black Berry

    Yes, it applies to all BlackBerry Storm2’s go get your replacement from Verizon.

  4. Christopher Price

    To be clear, Verizon is not saying this applies to “all Storm 2’s.” Nor are we reporting that, nor did we report that.

    What we are saying, is that all Storm 2’s sold prior to the dates noted in the original article may be affected. And, since Verizon can’t (or won’t) provide us with testing criteria to pass along to you, we’re suggesting you take your Storm 2 to a Verizon Wireless store and have it checked out. They’ll be able to tell you if the phone has been recalled or not.

    Verizon’s standard line is that you should only take your phone into a store if you’re having issues. Obviously, there’s no sure-fire way for us to tell you how to test your phone (we asked, and we got a big no comment in return). So, we have no choice but to take the safe route, and tell you to take the phone in and get checked out.