Verizon Home Phone Connect to Offer Home Phone / POTS Replacement

T-Mobile tried, and backed out of the home phone replacement market earlier this year with their failed @Home service. Now, it appears Verizon will enter the exact same market.

Verizon Wireless will call the service Home Phone Connect, and will allow Verizon Wireless customers to enjoy all the standard features of a landline; with “high-quality, clear voice service just like a landline”, as well as with Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Holding, Three-Way Calling, and E911 service.

Unlike T-Mobile’s @Home service however, Verizon Wireless will use their CDMA network to provide the carrier signal. The Home Phone Connect base station will connect to an electrical outlet, and provides two standard RJ-11 phone jacks.

Because many home phone users are concerned about power outages, Home Phone Connect will also be battery powered. The device is reported to achieve almost two days of standby time, and slightly over three hours of talk time. has more photos, and the user manual for the Home Phone Connect, available by reading the rest of the expanded article.

Download: Verizon Home Phone Connect Base Station Manual (PDF)

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11 responses to “Verizon Home Phone Connect to Offer Home Phone / POTS Replacement”

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  2. Webe

    It would be nice to have some landline competition in Connecticut. S.N.E.T got bought SBC Global, which got bought by AT&T, so much for the breakup of the “Big Bell” into the “Baby Bells” of the 70’s. The AT&T bill looks more like a eye chart every time I look at it will all the “fees, taxes, etc.” to squeeze every cent they can for a mediocre service.

  3. Chuckua Yang

    does Verizon provide a different Home Phone #________________or use the same wireless #………….?

  4. CALeger

    I’ve been a verizon wireless customer for 15 years & love them. I just got rid of my home phone (no one important calls me there anyway) and upgraded my cell to a Droid X. The only thing I miss is not having that “other” number to give out. Hey, for $10/month I’ll jump on this!

  5. David

    Seems to me that AT&T was broken up in the 80’s like 84 not 70’s. Also it might be hard to be a verizon wireless customer for 15 years since it was created only 10 years ago by the consolidation of several existing carriers in 2000.

  6. John Meyers

    I have the Dock-N-Talk which works even better. Connect a cell phone and have home phone service and be able to take it out of the house with you. You can also leave it there all the time. Fixed wireless is old technology and it is fixed. Who would want that. Look at

  7. Dan

    I’m using this device at home right now and it works great. I get a strong cell signal in my home, so it made sense for me to try it. I was able to keep my home phone number. Setup was very simple.

  8. bryan

    Advantage to me is for $20/month we keep our home phone and get unlimited calls. Disadvantage of using a dock n talk or something similar is you are still using cell minutes. To add enough minutes to our cell plan and then pay the additional $10/mo for that phone line would cost $30/mo, which in essence is only buying me 700minutes. I think it is a bargain considering I’ve been paying $25/mo after tax for 500mins/mo with vonage

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  10. Hank

    When my landline went raised to $70 per month I started looking for an alternative. I have a cell phone but no service is available at my house. If I stood in one certain spot on top of my roof I could sometimes get service. I do have wireless internet from a local provider at 1.5 meg up and 3 meg down.
    I got a Verizon mini tower which plugs into my router and it gives me cell service within a radius of about 100 feet of my house.
    Then I got a Verizon Home Phone and plugged it into my existing house wiring after removing the drop from the origional service at the network interface.
    Now I have cell service and home phone service with free long distance and all the bells and whistles. The whole thing works great and I’m saving a bunch.