Verizon Wireless Launches Motorola Q9c and Samsung Glyde

Two long anticipated devices have finally been made available to Verizon Wireless customers after months of delay and anticipation.

The Samsung Glyde features a widescreen WQVGA touchscreen with haptic feedback, modified Croix user interface from the European F700, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, microSDHC expansion slot, GPS support, speakerphone, media player, and voice control.

The Motorola Q9c is identical to the Q9m and removes the Flash Lite based multimedia frontend that provides access to VCAST services while adding Windows Mobile 6 Standard and being one of the first Windows Mobile smart devices to support Version 4 of VZ Navigator.

The Samsung Glyde is now on sale for $299.99 online after a new 2 year agreement before a $50 instant online discount bringing the total to $249.99, while the Motorola Q9c is on sale for $299.99 after a new 2 year agreement before two additional discounts, one instant $100 discount and an additional $50 mail-in rebate bringing the total to $149.99.

Buy the Samsung Glyde or Motorola Q9c from Verizon Wireless

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  1. Verizon Wireless launches Samsung Glyde and Motorola Q9c:

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  2. BJ Williams

    I Have asked a verizon store representative and the price is now $99.99 -BJ-