76 responses to “Verizon Wireless to Acquire Alltel”

  1. tommy

    alltel customers also lose my circle, unlimited internet, crippled ui less minutes for more money, less reception, and not has good quality customers service. there was a reason I switch to alltel.

  2. bogus

    This is not cool. Verizon needs to adopt some alltel cunsumer friendly ideas. Or I’m bailing. Capping the internet is bogus. What is this… 1994??


    Verizon needs to continuing offering what Alltel it is offering , cuz thats why i got Alltel because of my circle option

  4. james

    now verizon can force their HORRIBLE user interface onto alltel customers. everybody wins…

  5. ryan

    this could be crazy talk…but…with this merger, we could be looking at the finger on the trigger for the “t-mobile/sprint merger”. i mean, with the proposed success of such a buyout, deutsche telekom may want to jump on the trail a bit sooner…maybe

  6. Macdale

    Sprint/T-Mobile maybe on the verge but it’s very complicated compared to Verizon/Alltel. Do you buy Sprint’s CDMA only, IDEN only or both? The network still isn’t compatible with itself let alone with GSM. Sprint’s future is WiMax on their XOHM network which is their joint venture with Clearwire and other partners. That maybe where Sprint is headed and if so their CDMA and/or IDEN networks/customer base will be easier to acquire for a prospecting company. However, these variables are probably already being discussed by Sprint and T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom. However in the next 3-5 years we might be down to 2 carriers in the US (AT&T and Verizon).

  7. Alltel customer since day 1

    Alltel will still be Alltel!!! Verizon it NOT takeing over to be just Verizon, It just a merger and it will be good for Verizon they will have better service useing there network. You will still have the same great Alltel service and dont worrie about your plans changeing it will be the same! There will still be Alltel stores!! Verizon needs better service, hopefully maybe they will get good customer service.

  8. Christopher Price

    I strongly doubt Verizon would continue to use the Alltel brand for any prolonged period. Certainly the Alltel brand will continue to be used until proper migration strategies are established to incorporate Alltel customers into the Verizon system.

  9. bogus

    The alltel name will be gone in two years or less. Sad but true.

  10. Brandy

    I’m not very happy with the merger. That is the reason I am with Alltel because Verizon charges its customers for every since thing. I’m not very happy, unless Verizon keeps some of the plans that Alltel has when Alltel bought out Cellular One. It would a great thing if they did something like that then maybe I’ll stay with them. If not then I’m heading over to Sprint/Nextel. I know that they are great with their customers like Alltel is.

  11. BRYAN

    It will be great when they merge, Verizon was rated the #1 network for years now. They invest more money into thier company than almost all other networks combined. With this, it will not only be the best but the largest, Verizon is a little pricey, but they have great customer service………………..

  12. Art

    With Verizon, everytime you changed your service level (e.g., minutes) you restart a new 2-yr contract so you could end up not being able to upgrade any phone in your family plan for 4 years! That’s why we left Verizon and switched to Alltel. Logic is lost on Verizon and they’d rather lose customers than admit their policies are plain dumb. If I’m going get poor service, I can also do that with AT&T and at least be able to use an iPhone. Hmmm . . .

  13. Alltel u Customer

    I am a alltel custormer because Verizon dosen’t pick up where I need it to (like at Home). I like the freedom of the prepaid service and wonder what will happen to it and my reception with this merger. I can only hope that nothing will change, but I kindof doubt it. I am not a fan of verizon, my 2 years with them was full of no service in the areas that I needed it and high cost for no more than I used the phone…

  14. stvn_taylor

    wht will become of alltelu if da merger goes on will i have pay-per-day plan that goes great with my life style. and will i be able to call verizon callers 4 free. will their be more that i benifit from da merger. we prepaid callers r in the dark we need awnsers………

  15. Jess

    I have had the absolute worst time with alltel. i never seem to have service, my text messages never go through and at least half of my calls are dropped. In my area the towers are constantly down and it’s a huge hinderance. I could be sitting on the couch in my house not touching my phone and the service will jump from full to nothing to a couple of bars to full again and back to no service…..i hope this change makes everything less frustrating..

  16. Kelsey

    I have been a verizon wireless customer for two years and I admit I have had troubles. The biggest problem though is a border battle between Verizon and AT&T from MN to ND. We can’t go with AT&T because they don’t have towers in ND and we go over there often and we have really poor coverage from Verizon because we are only in their extended service area and our phones are constantly trying to switch towers or we get dropped. For us, we have to try to pick the best of the worst.

  17. Kelsey

    Oh, and Verizon has gotten rid of their rule about having to renew your contract every time you change plans. That is no longer true and if you think you are stuck to that, call and ask because you can probably get out of it without penalty.

  18. tim pickens

    I am thinking about going to alltel to get their alltel u-pay-per-day prepaid plan. After the merger, what will happen to this plan? will that plan still be there under verizons name?

  19. tim pickens

    or will alltel and verizon join together but alltel still operate as normal

  20. rosi

    Does anyone kno… WIll alltel phones be available to verizon customers, or same with verizon phones to alltel people???

  21. Angel

    I was wondering if ALL of the ALLTEL stores will become Verizon Wireless. Being that i live in the small town of Baraboo, WI i am excited about the merge because i can triple my coverage and finally call family out of state that uses Verizon. See we get US cellular and Alltel in our area now. when i signed up before Alltel was just moving into Baraboo, WI and wasn’t set up yet so the coverage wasn’t there like i was told so i went US cellular. now my contracts up and i want to switch. Verizon is not in my area yet but it kinda works. I was wondering what i should do? sign up with alltel because it’s here now or try Verizon and deal with it until it comes to Baraboo, WI more. If the merge goes through like it should i want Verizon i just don’t want to get stuck by making the wrong decision then having to change phones in acouple of months or something.

  22. Angel

    Rosi i talked to customer service and the companies must remain seperate at this time. They are calling it a merger but really Verizon bought Alltel. it’s the same technology so it should work fine to use an Alltel Phone on the Verizon network if this all goes through ok. you can use either phone on any of the towers. once they switch there wont be an Alltel to buy from though. they say they honor the rest of your contract through Alltel so it will be the same price and plan you have at the time. once it’s up though you would have to switch. I hope that helps. i am gathering the info to. In my area they have Alltel but not Verizon wireless at the moment.

  23. Martin

    Educate yourselves before commenting. Verizon no longer requires a new two year contract for upgrades or changes to plans. The two companies use identical technology wich will allow the network to expand at a very low cost. The best qualities of both companies will be unitied and everyone will benefit. For those concerned about losing “My circle”, don’t sweat the small stuff. IN calling shares the same idea and with the expanded network a Verizon customer will be IN with almost everyone.
    Maybe we should all go buy a few shares of Verizon Stock!

  24. william

    I have been with Alltel and Verizon. I am currently with Verizon. I have been for the past 5 years and I can truly say the customer service with Verizon is the best I have had. Calls are clear. Unless i’m in a very rural area I don’t ever have a dropped call, and coverage is great. I live in South Carolina and Verizon works great all around my area. I was with Alltel for 5 years and I wasn’t happy at all. That was 2003 when I switched though. I really like the My Circle plan they offer but otherwise Verizon has a great plan that is truly reliable in my opinion. Maybe Verizon will keep the My Circle plan after the merger is done. They may need it keep Alltel customers from running to AT&T or Sprint. After all, Verizon needs as many Alltel subscribers as it can keep or the merger won’t be as profitable as they hoped it would be.

  25. Johnathan

    Ok, I was just wondering.. Are we (alltel customers) going to be able to keep our phones or do we have to upgrade to a different phone?? Does anyone know?

  26. Angel

    I was told by Alltel customer service that you keep your phones and plans throughout your contract then when you resign you will be with Verizon.

    It sounds like an easy merge really. i hope my hometown gets Verizon. I live in WI and there will still be competition. my brother lives in another state and has verizon so it will be so nice to have IN calling..

    Is IN calling free calling for you and the other person no matter who calls or recieves the call or does only one person get the deal? My friends think it works both ways. that will be great.

  27. Carooyn

    I got Alltel because of the pay per month pre-pay plan for $69.99 700 minutes, unlm night/weekend, unlm text and $5.99 a month for unlm internet access. I want to know if verizon is going to kick this plan and do thier ****** up inpulse plan?

  28. william

    Please .. I am a verizon customer .. And in calling is no where near as good as my circle .. in calling is only for the verizon network .. My circle you can choose from other networks .. if verizon is smart and not greedy as they normaly are .. they will keep my circle .. But chances are they will be stupid and try to push in calling and lose most of the alltell customers ..

  29. John

    I have verizon and in the area of SC I live Alltel has more towers than verizon and before verzion came back into the area I had better coverage. But when I’m on the road going back to NC I have great coverage, so now with the buy out I hope my coverage around the house will be better. Hope than verizon will make the in network for all call’s not just there network, and lower there rates.

  30. rod

    I’ve had both alltel and verizon, I personally like alltel better and it makes me sick to think of having to go back to verizon for any reason what so ever

  31. cj

    Verizon doesn’t have service in my town, I guess Alltel coverage will have to work w/verizon..

  32. cj

    Alltel has stronger reception than other carriers of my town.  At&T has dropped calls

  33. stacy

    ok im a VZW call center rep and personally i think its good tht were taking over alltell!!! i meen weather alltell costumers knw it r not u guys where already biting off our god damn cell phone towers anyway!!! but of course alltell wouldnt tell you guys that now would they?
    alltell has had a contract with alltell so that when you guys go outta coverage our towers pick your ass up!!! but you dont get roaming chagres because its automatically taken out of whatever you pay for your bill and handed to us!!!! so why should we have a contract with alltell and only recieve a percentage of what they make when we could just take them over and have it all??? lol

  34. call rep-vzw

    ok i wrk at verizon i can tell u for fact my circle aint out the window yet!!!! n has for our calling plans! you guys might wanna stick around a lil longer to see what the new year has in store for you!!!!

  35. J

    Ok, Verizon is buying Alltel because Alltel put themselfs back up for sale!
    Alltel is in debt, and Verizon will bring them together.

    With this, Alltel people will bee able to keep there plans and my circle.
    Any Time plan changes, yes, BUT it will be on Veriozn Plans.
    Verizon will lower there prices after the merge is done.
    With themoney Verizon makes, they will put it towards there LET (4G) network!
    With this network, large business people will switch for faster speeds and wider coverage!

    Alltel people will get VZ Navagtion, V Cast Music ID, V Cast Music, V Cast Video, V Cast Mobile TV. AND MUCH MORE!

    Verizon WILL NOT forget the rural area people!
    They as well will get Verizons EVDO Rev A and C netowork.

    This will become the largest calling network and Tower network!

    Alltel will get free Roaming in those areas where Roaming was charged.
    And with Lower Roaming areas, Verizon will lower there prices!

  36. J

    omg wat dnt ppl understand tht by joning with verizon coverage wise!!! it helping you!!!!!!!! youll be abel to get service exactly where u use to and place where u didnt!!!!!!! so ur getting wat u already had!!! plus!!!! MORE!!!!!

  37. J

    angel! its from wat i have heared around the office! lol tht whatever alltel store you have in your town will remain open but the name will trasition from altell to verizon wireless! therefore if u sign up now it would be some wat the same has if u signed up when u waited for other verizon stores to open.

  38. Alex

    I just want to know when this merging will be official, my best friend who is alltel, i am verizon and my phone bill is not the smallest because we text so much, so im just ready to be able to text her for free…. do we know when this will happen? I’ve heard right at the end of the year… we have less then a week left of 2008, so i’m ready to see this happen

  39. Bill

    Like Leno said about Sears/K-mart Merger…Alltel and Verizon will join to become the crappiest cell service ever.

  40. Hugh

    “Two things everyone does agree on, however, is that the $28.1 billion acquisition will happen and will certainly benefit the carriers involved.”

    So much for Obama, change, and benefitting the CUSTOMER”.

  41. Alltel user

    Verizon service isn’t (yet) an option where I live. Since we will still have the existing Alltel towers, will our service be the same? Here, everyone is either AT&T or Alltel. So my network will not be any larger. It will only change to everyone being either AT&T or Verizon. My concern is my rates (at renewal time) and hopefully having a lot more phones to choose from. Does anyone have any input on these issues? Also, is it true that Verizon customers can text (as well as talk) IN for free? With alltel we have free IN and My Circle but we don’t text IN for free. I sure will miss Chad though:)

  42. johnny

    can people with unlimited texting to only verizon text people with alltel now? i keep hearing this and i wanna know what the real answer is.

  43. Christopher Price

    Not yet. Alltel has not been incorporated by Verizon. The acquisition is expected to close January 9, but Verizon could delay mobile-to-mobile integration further if they cite technical issues.

  44. Janelle Jolly

    I dont have a comment but I would like to know when Verizon and Alltel will be one?

  45. Christopher Price

    As indicated above, the legal merger of the entities should occur next week, around January 9. However, it will take months if not years before all of Alltel’s assets are integrated and rebranded. This will happen in phases, and more details will likely be announced in the near future. We’ll be covering all of them, so stay tuned to PhoneNews.com for details as they happen.

  46. JR

    Well I saw this coming when Alltel split and became Windstream, for the home and internet services, I worked for Alltel, for 5 years, and we were told there would be no changes at all, and Now the call center in Salina, KS is closed and being run through India, we started to see changes, Windstream has plans to offer Cell services to the entire network, that was Alltel. So I cant wait to see what the fall out is from this, I love to call in and talk to India, and if they hold true to what they did to us at the call center in Salina, everyone will be speaking with Customer Support in a foreign country. I cant wait for them to try to merge it all back into Alltel. I would plan on the worst parts of both Alltel and Verizon becoming regular standard operating practice. Overcharge the Customers for little if any services, and get rid of employees that have been there long enough to get benefits, move the Support Centers over seas, can pay them $1.65 a day, and no benefits, and when everyone tries to jump ship to change to other service providers to nail them with contract cancellation fees, and try to force the customer base to stay the same, I have been through this with the Windstream Split, and it is the same people behind it. And all about getting the last penny they can out of the users, And if there is only there coverage in your area, get ready to pay extra for that too, with Regional billing. JR

  47. jack bennett

    I think it is wrong to have to pay the disconnect fee from alltell when you are going to the same company

  48. Christopher Price

    Jack, chances are that fee will go away in the very near future. Verizon will want older Alltel customers to switch over to Verizon plans once their systems are integrated. As with any wireless merger, that will take a few months to happen.

  49. bahaha

    okay TARDS if verizon is going to buy out alltell that means that they will get all of alltells towers meaning your the service on your phone will be the SAME b/c it’s the SAME TOWERS just a diff. company.. now as far as cust. service and the my circle thing.. idk

  50. florida

    Verizon really does suck……Altell truly was the best out there, so much so that I kept my service from Florida, even after I moved north.( Altell doesn’t even have a store up here!). Altell always had the least amount of dropped calls….and the service even lasted through hurricane Charlie!