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13 responses to “Verizon XV6800 Gets Keyboard Fix”

  1. Nextel Accessories

    I have heard there are alot of problems with this unit. I know the 6700 was horrible…

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  4. Marcus

    What are you saying the 6700 was horrible? You must be on crack!! The problem is that non-technical users shouldnt own a windows mobile based device. Stick with a smart phone and save us all some pain!!!

  5. Brian Layman

    I suspect this is a fix already addressed elsewhere if you’ve done your research. That fix resolved an incompatiblity with software compiled with MS Visual Studio. The keyboard behaved as if the symbol button was pressed with some programs. I’ve had no other problems with the keyboard… and LOVE my 6800.

  6. Brandon

    AMEN Marcus. Say it again!

  7. Marc

    The link seems to be dead now.
    The new link is

    Just got a new VX6800 from verizon and when I go to landscape I get the problem on the LIve Search Application.
    (If you haven’t tried it it’s amazing. Complete traffic info, best gas prices, search for any business using voice very cool

  8. No Butta

    Right on Marcus, you go. The 6700 was awesome technically other than a little short on memory. I loved everything else about the phone. Mine finally started wearing out from years of usage and so I upgraded to the 6800. I actually like it more (although I liked the onscreen keyboard better on the 6700 because it had numbers above qwerty, but not a biggy). I use it to SSH into work and fix stuff. All of my WM5 stuff I had on the 6700 work great on the 6800. Has anybody had a problem with Daylight Savings on the 6800? It just changed and my phone is an hour off. UTStarcomm’s support site is gone, ideas?

  9. John Ruiz

    I cannot seem to sync my phone with the media player. I have downloaded media player 10 as suggested by my software but media player does not recognize my phone.

  10. John Ruiz

    I cannot seem to sync my phone with the media player. I have downloaded media player 10 as suggested by my software but media player does not recognize my phone. Ideas???

  11. No Butta

    Hi John,

    I used to sync my MP3 collection to my 6800 and then all of a sudden (after some windows patches auto-installed) I could no longer sync my device. The sync client would say everything was fine after doing diags but I still could not sync the device. I finally figured out that Windows Player 10 was the culprit. Once I downgraded my machine to WMPlayer 9 syncing worked again and have not had any problems before/after with general syncing. However, I can not sync my music either. My solution was to go throug the sync client to “explore” and I drag/drop my mp3 and video files onto the phone that I want and then they play fine on the WMPlayer on the phone. A little kludgy but it works. This is a winblows bug and not a phone bug.

    OH, BTW, anybody who wants to listen to shoutcast (classic) on their 6800 can do so by downloading the CORE POCKET MEDIA PLAYER ( and the core codec ( It’s freeware. It plays the shoutcast audio streams over the cell or wifi and I listen to them on a jabra bluetooth stereo headset os even if I can’t take my music I can listen to Internet music just fine. Works great.

  12. pimpsmo chris

    I see no one answered the questions. I need a fix for the same things on my device…namely, the bluetooth won’t stay connected to my headset even though verizon says it’s compatible. I tried everything I could think of. it doesn’t matter what bluetooth device I connect to, it will always disconnect and not connect automatically like it is suppose to. I have to set my clock on eastern time zone because of this error. i’ve contacted verizon numerous times about this issue because i’ve missed a few appointments since i’ve had the blasted device.

  13. Merlin

    The XV6800 is the biggest piece of garbage on the planet! I’ve had nothing but problems with this thing. It worked great when I first got it. About 3 weeks to a month after I got it though is another story. Pretty much gremlins got it and I couldn’t get rid of them. I finally broke down and did an insurance claim. they sent me a brand new phone. Same freaking thing. Worked great for a few weeks then the problems started again. The same ones! The touch screen won’t respond until after I tapped on something about 5 – 10 times. The qwerty slide out keyboard would do the same thing. It’s like the phone was having delays. The best way to for me to send a text when it starts acting up is to hold down the backspace key until the phone keeps beeping. then I have to type really fast to keep the letters working. Or usualy the best option was to shut down the phone and reboot. Which as we all know takes longer than it should. I’m seriously considering using my XV6800 for target practice after I upgrade!