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3 responses to “Verizon’s RAZR V3m Radiation Levels Were Altered, Increased”

  1. burton1976

    Hey Chris, first off this is not a fanboy defense – however, in the interest of good “journalism” (which you or your site obviously know nothing about), would you please remove the graphic of the Sprint RAZR in your post and replace it with a Verizon RAZR. To the untrained eye – or the simple conspiracy theorist (both of which many of your readers have exhibited signs of), a gaffe like that could land Sprint in the same bed as Verizon when it comes to these abnormal radiation levels…and there have been no signs pointing to Sprint as having that problem. Do you want to have your readers think something that is not true? It would be irresponsible for your site to keep the graphic up. Might I suggest a Verizon logo? A Motorola logo? Both would be better than something that has nothing to do with the story.

    Secondly, you must have won a high school newspaper contest for headline writing, or someone told you that you were good at it (which you’re not). The problem is that this headline reads like National Enquirer, not New York Times. When the headline says that levels were “altered, increased”, you allow the reader to assume that someone tweaked them – as a sinister move. (and not good for web hysteria) But in reality it was obviously a bug in the software that allowed radiation leakage all the way to the still acceptable (though higher) FCC limits. The headline, in the interest of good journalism should read something like this:

    Verizon’s RAZR V3 Firmware Has A Bug, Radiation Pushing Acceptable Limits

    Just my 2 cents…

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