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11 responses to “Video: Dan Hesse, Sprint, and Simply Everything”

  1. tony

    isnt this kind of old news?
    Anyhow anyone know when the national AIRAVE launch is?

    I LOVE SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jason

    I agree with the last comment, why is this even on here? You guys need to come up with some current and fresh news.

  3. Easy E

    i 2nd the 1st 2 comments and ur answer is lame. my tv is broken so when i get it repaired, i want all the news from last yer….DUMB DUMB DUMB

  4. sue king

    how do i get in touch with dan hesse?

  5. shadowhawk

    Don’t kid yourselves, that isn’t Dan’s real e-mail address. It’s just an address for customer support! All you get is an automated response. I sent an e-mail at 1:14pm. I got my response back at 1:14pm. Geez, Dan must be awfully quick at answering his e-mails eh?

  6. John Brock

    Mr.Hesse, Tried to contact you(sprint session#5230406) no luck No ONE WITH ANY AUTHORITY OR BALLS. As said, I,m in trouble and about to go down the tubes. Please read session,Im 54 on ss disabilty, I need my phone to stay in touch with children and doctors. I fell behind a few months back due to budget problems on a structured income(eating is a piority). Enough backround you get the idea with this economy, I understand your business is a little tight right now too. I need to restucture if I’m to stay a Sprint customer ,I need help. Need to drop phone and number that have not worked for over a year,shift to Everything Plan,put a hold on balance for six months without interest or penalties,for this I will pay 100.00 per month plus taxes and fees. I have had this service and number for five years I don’t want to loose this but in this economy if we can not do this : I will loose my number,my consistency have to go elseware and you will loose yearly revinew the balance and my respect.Thank you listening,if this works you have my formal indorsment , John Brock

  7. Marilyn CabanillaLucas

    Hi Mr. Dan I spoke with you a few years ago relating to some issue and rude employees. This time it even worst concering our second account, when I talk with fiance they were unwilling to work out a plan with a spoke with several account manager one stayed you are no longer with the company and the ojly way i could get a ceo to respond too me is to use the contact us which will go back to there so I google your name and I thank God cause I need some help also when I told one of the account manager I was leaving sprint she do what you have to. please call me removed, you’ll thank us later Have a Bless Day

  8. Travon Lancefield

    Hello Mr. Hesse,

    I am a former employee of Sprint, Englewood, CO, Denver Tech Center off South Inverness Drive.
    I apologize for taking this route for what will seem like petty reasons, but I can not find any contact information for the human resource department. I have a potential employer ready to hire me and the only hold up is finding someone to speak with to verify my previous employment. If you or someone could point me in the right direction with a name and phone number of the person who handles this type of situation I would be grateful, not to mention employed again.

    Travon Lancefield
    720 371 9228