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One response to “Video Game Retailer GameStop Launches AT&T Powered SIM-Only MVNO (Updated)”

  1. Carol G

    What were they thinking?? Who in their right mind would pay $55 for 1 GB data and nothing else, when for $45, StraightTalk offers unlimited everything-other prepaid providers offer plans varying slightly in price/speeds or data allocation, but I don’t think any are as costly as this. It’s almost as though they did little research.
    Of interest is the growing trend in offering SIM only plans- if I’m not mistaken, SimpleMobile was the 1st MVNO to offer them, with StraightTalk adding that option recently, and now GameStop going that way entirely. I’ve heard many countries are leaps ahead of us in that respect.
    “The retailer has also taken to offering trade-ins for electronics, including cellphones as well as the ever popular iPhone with mixed results along with selling Android tablets bundled with generic Bluetooth controllers for gaming.” -this makes more sense for them in supporting their current line of business.