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9 responses to “Virgin And Boost Mobile To Enact Stricter Throttling On May 6th (Updated)”

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  2. Jon

    Thanks Humberto Saabedra for sounding the Alarm!!! I Sent out a warning 2-3 days ago to to other media. Your the 1st to pick up the ball and run with it. As far as Boost waiting till 5/16 not true Boost! I live here in Dallas TX and both 3G and 4G are LOCKED at 60k – 72k Now this moment typing this comment at 9:30 PM! 60k on both networks. I want to warn you and anyone else your phones will now become worthless! Try using Google Voice to search at 60k AOL Dial up speed! Try using Navigation to get somewhere it doesn’t work! I started when Boost offered me unthrottle 3g and unlimited data… They took that away… Then Boost said:Hey Buy The S2 and we’ll give you unthrottled unlimited 4g.. They Took That away 2.5 Cap then 256k. Now my Mobile Hot spot is reduce to 60-72k as well and the phone.

    IF you guys want to Push back there’s a few options.
    1. Cancel there’s Republic Wireless 5GB 3/4G before throttle unlimited Call/Text and its 40.00 no waiting months. MetroPCS, Cricket Etc….
    2. File a Complaint with The FTC/FCC on line! If a Boost Rep Promised you more and you feel Boost Lied File an Online complaint… THEY (BOOST/VIRGIN) HATE HAVING TO DEAL WITH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS… Why? Because they cant ignore them like they do to us when we complain.
    How big of a deal is it to complain? Enough that when AT&T denied me DSL and my neighbor had it. I filed a online complaint and 2 1/2 months later the Vice President of AT&t was call me offering me FIOS HIGH speed for the same $pecial. I was denied for DSL. As for me I’m Leaving Boost the phones Worthless ….

  3. jeff

    att does not have fios…

  4. ionne-c

    lying ****… no real change here santa maria typical speed is up all the way to 40kbs was under 20. repair interruptions frequent. lost 3 days in jan. really outs a crimp in what ican do.

  5. jon

    U-Verse my mistake.

  6. Neight

    56k dailup would be faster then this sh@t that Boost is pulling. You want to watch youtube? Forget about that. I’m gone screw you sprint.

  7. Neight

    Someone should sue Sprint and have them take off the unlimited data shit they push. 2.5gb then 40k internet is NOT unlimited.

  8. Liony

    just when you thought the boost mobile service couldn’t get any WORST! Boost is going to lose more customers than GM repairing cars from a recall.

  9. Haasi

    First of all, we already have 1gbps speeds through optic fiber, so I don’t see why they should even do shit like this since we already have much better technology.

    Sprint wants to deliver us back to the year 2k. Fuck them.