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10 responses to “Virgin Mobile $40 Unlimited Broadband2Go is Live, Capped at 409 GB”

  1. Andrew

    Have my Ovation MC760 coming to me today!
    As soon as I heard about this new plan I bought in immediately.

    I have been stuck with HughesNet satellite access for almost 4 years now. This might FINALLY be the last nail in that rusty metal coffin.

    This all hinges on whether I can maintain a solid signal. With HughesNet I get a solid 1Mbps download link – if this comes anywhere close, I will cancel next month. The kick in the pants with HughesNet is that the upload speed is .16Mbps (yes, you read that right) and the latency is 816ms (OMG, almost a full second) This makes things like gaming and chat services such as FaceTime with the iPhone useless.

    I really, really hope this works – half the price I am paying now with no contract and (roughly) the same speeds.


  2. wam

    Christopher, what are the speeds your getting? Will the Mifi and usb dongle be about the same speeds?

  3. wam

    Sorry…never mind. I re-read what you wrote. 1-1.5 speeds. Its to early in the morning for me. LOL

  4. Jeff

    As I posted earlier in a different article, Cricket’s speeds were around 600kbps whereas Sprint consistently gave me 1.5Mbps. I am curious what you really get with it.

  5. Christopher Price

    We’re hitting 1.5 mbps with no issues. Speeds are averaging around 1.2 mbps in the speed tests we’ve run. Most of our tests are indoors in less than optimal signal areas.

  6. soneh

    Wait until more unlimited users get on the network.

  7. Jim

    409 Gig hmmm? Well…if they are going to give you a usage meter, even if unlimited, then there has to be a finite maximum count value at some point, since computers can only store finite values in any given memory allocation. Infinity is NaN (not a number) to a ccomputer.

  8. Corinne

    Corinne from Virgin Mobile here – we looked into this based on your post about the usage meter hitting 409 GB. Please know that the reading of the 409 GB that you experienced was a bug and the meter should always read unlimited with a fully green bar. Going forward you should only see Unlimited and a fully green bar.

  9. Sarah

    For those who are wondering – I use this service in Iowa, I always get either 1/4 or 2/4 signal bars with the device and my latency usually is 400ms or so. I’ve seen it as low as 100 some and as high as 1000 some. The 1000 some is rare and it always goes down to the hundreds in less than a couple of minutes. These latency reports are from World of Warcraft, which I very happily play with Virgin Mobile’s mobile broadband. It is so so so much better than playing on Wild Blue satellite connection! Thank you very much, Virgin Mobile. I will chop off both of my arms if this deal ever changes…unless it gets better of course haha.

  10. Ryan

    When is Virgin Mobile going to assign random IPs to it’s users rather than one giant shared IP?

    Using my Broadband2go card has flagged my bank, PayPal, and several other websites as being Blacklisted/Fraud/Spam… any ideas?