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11 responses to “Virgin Mobile Confirms February 1st Launch of Optimus V”

  1. VicMatson

    Whats up with the visual voicemail?

  2. HMOrgan

    feb 1st? Y soo far awayy??.. ughh. i want this phoneee noww!!!!. ive been calling every target store around as far as 20 miles from where i live. i cant find it anywhere!!!. ughhhh..

  3. muddy46

    I just got one at Target in Allentown, Pa (the one on Cedar Crest Blvd, the other a-town target at the airport is sold out).

  4. ??

    feb 1st is FOUR days away. really? you’re that impatient?

  5. Levi

    Just got mine at Radio Shack…just call around, someone will have it.

  6. andy

    ….i got it at a local target store in los angeles by santa monica fwy highway, call target by this number 310 -895 -1131, plus the item number DPCI (internal stock SKU) number for the Virgin Mobile Optimus V

  7. andy

    this target have it right now in stock… i got it yesterday the guy pull up with two phone. i only got one. so happy ….
    hey people aross the america this have hotspot , i am using on my laptop , now ……

  8. shawn

    @andy is mobile hotspot free? if not how much is it?…. or do u have it rooted?

  9. thai

    does anybody know if Android 2.3 can be installed on that phone?

  10. Levi

    It comes with Android 2.2, Android 2.3 hasn’t even been released yet…

  11. Christopher Price

    Mobile Hotspot has been yanked from the device menus, however, there may be a workaround. We haven’t tested it yet so don’t get your hopes up.