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One response to “Virgin Mobile Cuts Samsung Intercept Pricing to $199.99”

  1. Christopher Price

    Please note that flashing a Virgin Mobile Intercept with Sprint firmware is dangerous, as there is no current undo. Yes, Froyo does run on the device, and it will work… but there are serious issues that may cause the device to stop working.

    The reason is that the Sprint upgrade re-flashes the modem with Sprint firmware. As such, there are issues with prepaid accounts renewing data sessions, as well as issues reprogramming the device (swapping phones, etc).

    Even if you use one of the “safe” upgrades that has removed the modem/baseband firmware bits, (leaving you with a Sprint phone but Virgin baseband), there still is no simple downgrade process. Backup Virgin Mobile firmwares are not working properly.

    To date, there has been no release/leak of a full Virgin Mobile firmware flash, and as such, there’s no way to go back at this time. Hopefully Samsung will be generous and leak a full flash, but don’t bet on it.