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2 responses to “Virgin Mobile Delays Groundbreaking Unlimited Plan, Due to System Errors”

  1. Daniel Kramer

    I am outraged that Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go (B2G) is removing existing pricing plans for ‘already purchased’ MC760 devices. I bought mine on 6Aug2010 and immediately subscribed to the $20 one month service, which is sufficient for our needs.

    They are threatening to discontinue that limited service for the $40 unlimited service which we don’t need. We will be paying the extra $20 and get nothing for it.

    Existing owners MUST be entitled to use the old plans for a reasonable period, say 24 months.

    We’ll see……..

  2. Christopher Price

    Daniel, unfortunately that is the double-edged sword of prepaid. When you sign a contract, the carrier has a financial interest (generally in the form of a device subsidy) to honor your plan.

    When you don’t sign a contract, the carrier has the right to change plans at any time.

    If you use between 101 and 300 MB, yes, this is unfortunately a rate increase. As of tomorrow (or so), however, you will be stuck paying it. You can always sell the device on eBay, but I don’t really see much benefit in going with Verizon or AT&T… both charge around $40/month for 250 MB.

    Virgin was pretty smart in this change, by eliminating the $20/month plan for those 101-300 MB customers, they know you probably aren’t going to go anywhere else… because the unlimited plan is still cheaper than the 250 MB plans on other carriers.