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36 responses to “Virgin Mobile Experiencing Text Messaging Delays (Updated)”

  1. Jesse

    keep us updated >.<…… pretty please

  2. Shawn

    This is really stupid. Virgin needs to give refunds for service. I do business with my phone via texting, and I’ve lost money as a result of this outtage, and have missed out on important updates and information. I may be canceling my service with this being the last straw. Virgin is notoriously slow on texts at times, and I’m fed up.

  3. Daniel

    Berly got service on Sept. 1 and alredy mad!

  4. Colter

    Full service outage? I’m on the 25/month plan and I’m only having problems with my texts, and it’s not just SMS it’s also MMS, I tried that as an alternative and nothing!
    Any clue as to what caused this? And any update on when it will be resolved?
    Cause I like only having to pay 25 a month and I’m willing to take a fall in certain areas if service just so I can pay a fraction of other plans. But if this continues I’m definitely switching to someone else!

  5. IzzyB

    Oh man! I thought it was just my phone acting funny. Man, people use texts to keep in contact with their loved ones…..especially my Gracie….they REALLY REALLY need to fix this crap….im not online that often, so can someone email me when its fixed? Thanks ^.^

  6. marganna

    Typical virgin mobile crap. They are the cheapest out there for texters like me, but when i have to keep track of my kids , it is unacceptable. I tell people I have virgin mobile, they laugh and say “why don’t you get a REAL carrier.” Now I know why

  7. IzzyB

    >.< glad my nana's not tech savvy. Man, im bored! Im two second from taking a chainsaw, going to Branson's house and—

  8. Colter

    I never comment on these sort of things but I’m furious about this. They say it’s been fixed but I still have no texting…

  9. marganna

    yeah, its gonna be a long time b4 it gets back on track. i got one message which i know was sent a few hours ago, but i know for a fact there are about 20 or so sent today that i havent gotten yet. they will probably come- out of order- and confuse everyone i know. grrrrrr

  10. IzzyB

    ah… Hating Virgin Mobile and Richard Branson is a bonding experience…

  11. IzzyB

    mines still acting funny!!!!!!!i txted my sis and she got it 16 minutes later…and she was across the street!

  12. IzzyB


  13. Jenn

    yea so they say it works…well thats funny cuz my latest txt was on a 3 hour delay….how is that fixed? I am so demanding a refund for this months service and I will be switching carriers very soon.

  14. marganna

    not fixed at all. sent a text to my daughter next to me in the car. she still hasnt gotten it. 3 hours ago!

  15. Krissy

    Just moved my son back to college. Texting is the way we keep intouch. This really sucks!!! 2 days now. Come on guys!!

  16. Jesse

    i appreciate the updates, keep it up <3

  17. Jesse

    alsoooo fixed, not fixed. to-may-toh, to-mah-to

  18. Katy

    great plans… risky coverage.

  19. bottomline

    It seems to me we’re all just a little too spoiled…. Does anyone remember how back in the day the home telephone line would go down(for a long while), which was the “only” means of communication back then….. Patience is a virtue!

  20. Phillip

    I just got this phone Friday which was $163.11 which is a nice phone but i havent been able to send texts at all and when i do send them my friends get them like 6hrs later which sucks if this happens a lot to me then im gonna demand a refund cuz they are making me spend all my talk minutes which isnt unlimited i have used already 83min cuz i cant text

  21. Colby

    I plan on calling up customer service and raising hell once this issue is fixed. I have the 400 anytime. unlimited n/w plan with unlimited text. I was forced to use all of my anytime minutes as a result of the outage. Then once i ran out it ate up my remaining balance at 20 cents a minute!

  22. Colter

    Goodluck raising hell and getting a refund… Their customer service is a joke… But I agree, patience is a virtue.

  23. Jon

    I’m pretty sure its fixed now, I’m sending and receiving messages okay right now. But this is still UNACCEPTABLE. The fact that this happened, and the fact that it took them two days to correct it gives me very little confidence in Virgin Mobile. Not that I had much in the first place.

  24. bottomline

    Great attitude jon, demand PERFECTION always!!!

  25. Emily

    This is stupid, everyone keeps saying it’s fixed but I still am not receiving any of my texts!!! This is pissing me off! I just got this phone 2 days ago and I’m already thinking of changing! It was texting fine this afternoon but now it’s not working again!

  26. chris

    the texting serviece is “back” but the timing is still incorect but i think all we need is …………A NEW ****** PHONE COMPANY…….no all we need is patince

  27. chris brother

    this link says estimates are that its supposed to work today ( 9/6/10) at 10 pm central timing
    hope this is tru

  28. chris brother

    this is the link

  29. chris brother
  30. chris brother


  31. Karen

    The last update says it was fixed on the 6th…it’s not. My husband still gets my texts hours later, when he gets them at all. We were never much into cells, but they use texting constantly at his workplace. If they don’t get it right soon, we’ll have to switch or he’ll be in trouble at work.

  32. Jake

    On 9/15/10 around 4:00pm my texting down again. The call center is “experiencing higher than normal call volume”. Switching back to T-mobile this weekend thank god. Worst service I have ever had, can NEVER understand a rep and they are ALWAYS rude to me when I call.

  33. Bronson

    Ok so, texting with Virgin is down…AGAIN. i to usually never comment on these things as normally when i do the problem is already fixed, but, today is the 22’d of sept, texting was working last night up till a point, i dont remember the time. Now they’re experiencing another service outage……and they said they’d call me back in like 5 days… I pay $60 a month for my iphone and all i do is text, i only have 100 min per month for calling. This is bullshit.. Koodo or possibly even rogers (yes im thinking to go even that far) is starting to seem pretty good right about now.

  34. Jaimie

    Is the texting down again…..this has to be a joke. It is true that when u call customer service they are rude. Ive called twice now and they have hanged up even before i give them my name. This is outragous, now i am seriously going to switch to Verizon and get the Droid. I am glad that i didnt buy my son the Rumor Touch yet. I bet he will be glad that he wont be on Virgin Mobile. I will not be refering anyone to Virginmobile anymore.

  35. marcie

    This morning, 14 texts came through. Dated Friday the 24th through 27th. When will Virgin have the problem completely fixed?

  36. Emily

    I am having the same problems and the a**holes keep hanging up before I even tell them what is wrong! And none of them can speak CLEAR english! Hey Virgin Mobile, here is my phone and service you can take it and shove it you know where! I am sick and tired of you people, you are rude, un-helpful!