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9 responses to “Virgin Mobile Free VoIP Calling on Android: Of Mice & Men”

  1. J. R.

    I use it on my Virgin Mobile Intercept with just Google Voice. My only problem is that there is a delay of a second or two so it makes conversations a little awkward feeling sometimes. And I am definitely NOT smart enough to be a geek. I got lucky, maybe?

  2. Vic

    Chris, you’re going to get blasted on this one! Ad “NOT” to the title and avoid the onslaught.

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  4. ruumis

    just publish the guide. the gizmo5 ship has sailed for now. why not let the lucky passengers benefit from your hard work?

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  6. Jon

    sipdroid and work for free calling now, you don’t need gizmo5. Also, just use an app called gv call back. You can initiate the call on your device, and gv will call you back on your sipgate# to connect the call for you. The quality isn’t the best, at worst I’ve lost 50% of the data, couldn’t understand what was being said one time. Not ready for prime time, but good enough for me

    Oh, the trick for sipgate was a setting to use udf instead of tcp (I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working!)

  7. Bob

    This works very well on my Intercept with a headphone mic to avoid the feedback from the speaker phone problem and thankfully is totally geek free: