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5 responses to “Virgin Mobile Launches Wal-Mart Exclusive 1GB Broadband2Go Plan”

  1. Jeff

    Can I get the 1GB plan if I already own my Virgin MiFi?

  2. acdc1a

    I just talked to CS and the lady didn’t know what I was talking about. Not a good sign. Hopefully someone here at Phone Scoop will be able to get a clear answer for us.

  3. Jeff

    The Walmart here has even older virginmobile literature. No sign of the 1gb plan.

  4. Jeff

    Has anyone seen this in the stores, or is this a rumor?

  5. Jeff

    I finally found some information on it. The 1GB plan is only available if you’ve purchased your hardware from Walmart. Unfortunately, I bought mine a month earlier from Best Buy. Has anyone gotten this plan on a MiFi purchased earlier?