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6 responses to “Virgin Mobile Lining Up LG Optimus”

  1. Christopher Price

    There’s no guarantee however that Virgin Mobile will leave the hotspot feature intact, we wanted to clarify that. AT&T for example stripped Mobile Hotspot from their version of the Palm Pre Plus.

  2. AC

    I folks, so where is this taking place??? I subscribe to Google alerts for Virgin Mobile. I live in the USA. The info I get comes from the US, Canada, EU, and all over the world. I have to read, review everything to see if it applies to me in the US. I was able to upgrade my phone to the Instinct at a discounted price (cyber Monday), by reading Goggle alerts that gave me a heads up. I like the phone and after having serious problems with Virgin Mobile in the set up, the world is good. So, I’m not complaining other than where the hell is this going on???? US, Canada, EU ????

  3. Jessica Burke

    I spoke w/ Virgin Mobile today. It’s confirmed and will be released February 1st. They said it’s the same copy as Sprint’s and run’s on Froyo 2.2. it’s $100 less than the Samsung Intercept because LG makes it.

  4. Stephanie

    Will be available at Radio Shack.

  5. Donta

    Well they need to update the Samsung Intercept to 2.2 before they go releasing a new phone!!!

  6. Rafael Hernandez

    I lost all the imformation about Virgin Mobile in my phone # 781-710-1984.