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37 responses to “Virgin Mobile: New Beyond Talk Plans and New Phones This Month (Updated)”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Wow, if they would let you use any Sprint phone with these plans it would be a great deal.

    If I could use my Touch Pro 2 on these plans I would probably switch right now.

    $25 for 300 minutes, $40 for 1200 minutes, both with unlimited data and messaging. Those are smokin deals if you can use any Sprint phone on those plans.

  2. Lawson

    I am sooo happy. I was about to switch to boost mobile for the Blackberry 8330, but now I can just stay with Virgin Mobile and enjoy a Blackberry 8530. That way I will have a better phone, cheaper plan, and won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to port my phone number, or even get a new phone number.

    I’m so excited!

  3. SaltyDawg

    This is a way better deal than Page Plus. And this company doesn’t have a history of ripping people off, and an executive who says he isn’t in the businnes of being nice to people when he gets asked about ripping people off.

  4. Christopher Price

    Sprint implemented changes on to lock out prepaid phone activation, specifically because these plans were coming. You will not be able to use any Sprint phone on these plans.

    If you want Android, Sprint has an Android Tax for that. If you want webOS, Sprint has a webOS Tax for that. It’s called an Everything Plan.

  5. Don Louie

    Can any non Everything phones on Boost or was that back door closed too?

  6. Christopher Price

    The backdoor only works by calling in to Boost Mobile customer service. Most representatives have been successfully trained to deny such activations. It can take several calls, sometimes even dozens, to get a phone activated. I suspect these new Virgin Mobile plans will operate similarly.

  7. DP

    I’m ONLY talking about the unlimited minute plans here, but what is the incentive to go with Virgin over Boost for $10 less?

    The $25 and $40 plans are pretty good and should gain some traction given proper marketing.

  8. SV

    How much will the blackberry cost?

  9. Bill M

    Christopher Price, the word “tax” is cute but I don’t blame Sprint from locking out those smartphones from Virgin or Boost. You can’t activate a smartphone on Page Plus anymore either. You can activate an unlocked GSM smartphone (or iPhone) on Simple Mobile but it’s 60.00 a month and a 150MB data cap.
    Try AT&T’s plans and the costs are even higher.

    If someone wants to drive a BMW they should not go shopping at the Kia dealer.

  10. Bob

    Actually Bill, PP has returned Palm and HTC smart phones to their plans. The only smart phones (I believe) they don’t allow are BB’s and they are supposedly working on getting them back. I’d think PP is still the better value, if you need minutes, but if you need data, this plan definitely beats it. Though PP does use Verizon’s coverage map, which covers more.

    Glad there are more options now though.

  11. Christopher Price

    Bill M, funny you bring up car references. I’m buying a Pontiac G8 so I can laugh at all the BMW 5-series owners and how they overpaid for their cars.

    If you want unlimited data, as we said in the article, Virgin is the cheapest route. But that doesn’t justify Sprint wanting twice as much for their entry level smartphone plan.

    If Virgin Mobile can charge $10 per month for a BlackBerry, why not offer a reasonable, similar rate to bring over other Sprint devices? It’s profitable for Sprint, since many of those other customers are defecting to T-Mobile and Verizon for things like free Mobile Hotspot.

  12. SV

    Sprint offers nationwide roaming on its contract plans, including data roaming. So if you travel out to the boonies, you can still get service on Verizon or USCC or other roaming carrier.

    Virgin and Boost are limited to the sprint nationwide network. No roaming.

    And I’ll answer my own question- the Virgin blackberry will retail for $299.

  13. JJ

    Even though there is no roaming, sprints coverage is pretty good and is getting better. At least in my area. When I worked for verizon I had their phone and a sprint phone and both phones worked great everywhere. The only issue with sprint was inside some buildings. Other than that sprint was good. That’s why I kept them instead of verizon.
    As for using a TP2 on virgin mobile, I don’t know how it would work but I do know that you can get TP2 on boost. So maybe there is a way around that.
    I just wish you could get android or webos on boost. If only that would be possible.

  14. Christopher Price

    JJ, as we described, it is very difficult to activate a Sprint phone on Boost at this point. It can take, quoting past comments: “several calls, sometimes even dozens, to get a phone activated.”

    Don’t go buying a device or porting service expecting to use your expensive Sprint phone on Virgin Mobile. The company just spent a lot of money to make sure you’ll be disappointed if you do.

  15. Dan

    can you easily tether on these plans or do they block it?

  16. Pancho Villa

    Well guys, this plan is mainly for people that don’t talk too much!! like me! 25 a month for unlimited tex and web with 300 minutes is GREAT for me!! since I don’t talk too much but I do text and browse the web a lot!

  17. Bill M

    Christopher, the Pontiac G8 is a heck of a car but it’s no BMW. I drive a Passat GLX 4Motion (with every option available) and it too is a heck of a car but it’s not a Mercedes.

    I agree with you that the price of phones is too high. However, the outright price of the BB8530 on Sprint is 349.00 which is (an inflated) 50.00 more than Virgin. With a 2yr, it’s 49.00

    You can’t allow an HTC Hero (for example) to be activated on Virgin for the simple fact that it will 1; tick off the current subscribers and 2; lower the ARPU. There has to be a benefit, a clear distinction or a reason to be locked into a contract or it becomes real cloudy.
    I know T-Mobile does it with their EM+ plans but it’s 79.99 not 50.00 or 60.00 (depending on phone) for Boost.

    And Bob, what good is a smart phone with a 20 or 50MB data allowance?

  18. SaltyDawg

    @ Bill

    T-Mobile EM+ plan with 500 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited web for smartphones (Motorola Click is what I put in the cart to test) is $59.99 per month.

    So that seems to be about the best deal around for a no contract, use any phone you want type of plan.

  19. Jerry

    What are the differences between the Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile plans?

  20. TheTenthLetter

    Hey, saltydawg:

    You can use your Touch Pro 2 on Boost Mobile, and pay $50/mo. instead of $60 you would be paying to VM.

    It’s pretty easy to do; Google is your friend.

  21. TheTenthLetter

    oh, and that’s with unlimited talk/data, btw. i do it with my Touch Pro 1 and it works great.

  22. SaltyDawg

    No, it is not pretty easy to use a Touch Pro 2 on Boost. I know it used ot be, but Sprint has trained their reps to not allow it anymore. See chris Price’s comment about it taking dozens of calls, or more, to add a Sprint phone on Boost.

  23. Corinne

    Hi – Corinne from Virgin Mobile USA here – a few clarifications. First, the last line in the original post is incorrect. The current monthly Virgin Mobile plans will not be discontinued on May 22nd. They will not be discontinued until mid-August. You can not use Sprint handsets on the new Virgin Mobile plans – you must choose one of the four new handsets including the Rumor Touch or the Blackberry Curve 8530. For more information and answers to your questions you can visit:

  24. Humberto Saabedra

    Thanks for the clarification, Corinne. The article will be corrected with the new information.

  25. Matt

    We for sure won’t be able to activate Sprint Blackberry 8530s on Virgin Mobile? That’s too bad. Although I guess they have to try to make up the money somehow.

  26. Chris

    Can someone clarify what exactly is BlackBerry BIS service for an additional $10/month?

    I’ve heard it includes access to an app store. If I were to purchase an app, do I own it, or do I have to continue to pay $10/mo for it to work. Say I’m interested in the Google Voice and Pandora apps. If I pay $10 once for access to the app store, can I cancel the following month and still have those applications work??

  27. Sam

    The additional BlackBerry $10/month give you access to the app store, but also give you unlimited anytime minutes. Great deal. Here’s a link to their terms & conditions.

    •Beyond Talk Plans for BlackBerry® Smartphones:
    •Add $10 per month to any Beyond Talk Plan for unlimited domestic Messages and video, unlimited access to Downloads (VirginXL) and the mobile Internet (but not unlimited downloaded content), and unlimited anytime minutes. Access to corporate email is not included or available. This option is available only with a Virgin Mobile BlackBerry® Smartphone.

  28. Luis

    without BIS you won’t be able to use any app that requires data. Email and web also goes trough BIS.
    Bottom line is, if you want a blackberry BIS is a must, otherwise it looses functionality.

  29. Chris

    Sam, I think you may have stumbled upon a hole in their terms of service.

    If that’s true, it means you could sign up for their $25 per month plan (300 anytime minutes) plus $10 for the Blackberry service for a total of $35 per month for unlimited talk. There would be no point to purchase their $40 and $60 plans.

    If this is true, then this is the best deal in the industry. Someone needs to find out.

  30. hammad

    How is 300 mins classified as unlimited for $35?

  31. Mika

    Hi guys
    I am looking for a phone for only the next couple of months which meet the following criteria.
    – I will be buying a new phone, need a cheap one that has color screen and going voice quality and the ability to do texts and go on the web
    – basic prepaid benefits such as no contracts, ability to cancel any time, no deposits or activation fee
    – as less money on taxes as possible
    – I would need around 1200 minutes per month – I am more of talker than a texter and I don’t go online too much on the phone
    – I don’t care about downloading ringtones and such
    – I am not willing to go above $40 total per month, excluding sales taxes on top-up cards and the phone itself
    – I won’t be using the phone after two months, but would still like to keep it active and not have to pay reactivation fee

    I currently have a sprint phone, it’d be nice to be able to transfer numbers, but that’s not necessary as I am going to be using my old phone after these two months.

    So what provider/carrier and phone is best for me? If I go for Virgin Mobile, what plan would suit my needs the best? Can I use top-up cards to refill and not use debit/credit card if I go for a Beyond Talk plan? Thanks!

  32. chuy

    I have a sprint bb 8530 could it be possible to activate it with these new plans

  33. Lori

    So I am a little confused and have a few questions.
    1) If I were to get the Blackberry Curve 8530 from Virgin Mobile, would I be required to pay the additional $10/month with the $25 beyond talk plan?
    2) And if I am NOT required to pay the additional $10/month, what features would I not be able to use? Only Blackberry Messenger and Blackberry App World? Does this include things like facebook, youtube, and web browsing?

  34. Marina

    What is so great about these Virgin Plans? There is no Nights/Weekend minutes…. 300min is nothing, you kinda have no choice but to get that expensive $60/mo plan just to use the phone like an average person…

  35. Melissa

    What’s so great about these plans from virgin mobile is that you will receive all of your text messages and you will receive them when they are sent versus boost mobile. i have had boost for 6 months and it has been an ongoing problem and plenty of my friends have the same problem and customer support has no answer for it. I believe that is definitely worth the extra 10 dollars for virgin mobile. and the phones from virgin mobile are very reasonably priced. especially compared to t-mobile, verizon, and boost’s pay-as-you-go plans.

  36. Ewen Johnson

    I like the plans of $25 and $40 but i dont like that they dont have Free nights and weekend minutes. whats up with that?

  37. Rocky

    This sucks because I just got the $25 plan today and the service sucks and there are no free night time minutes…. this is certainly NOT a good deal. And yes, I do think this company is ripping people off buy luring you in with the “$25 no-contract” bull! I can barely send a text message and I can’t even download the Email and IM app on the phone… I wish I would’ve known this before I spent over $100 on this piece of crap! I’m going bac to Verizon ASAP!!!!